Why a kitchen facelift is a smart investment for the end of the financial year

Why a kitchen facelift is a smart investment for the end of the financial year

The End Of Financial Year period is a time for closing fiscal chapters and preparing for new projects and priorities. It’s a time when you might have new financial priorities and an opportunity to invest in the things you couldn’t have previously, like giving your kitchen a facelift. 

The EOFY is a perfect opportunity to update your kitchen. As the heart of any home, the kitchen provides an invaluable space to cook and eat meals, entertain friends and come together with family. A new and improved kitchen can not only help you create lifelong memories, but establish a fresh and modern aesthetic and new lifestyle throughout your home.

Here are some reasons why EOFY is the perfect time to invest in a kitchen facelift. 

Benefits of an EOFY kitchen facelift 

Greater property value

Whether you’re looking to sell or eager to improve your home as an asset, kitchens are both the most popular interior room for renovations and often the room that commands the highest spend. This is because kitchens often experience the most foot traffic in the typical home and ultimately set the tone for the rest of the home. A kitchen facelift can therefore a driving force behind a stronger property value, with renovations achieving an ROI of up to 90%. 

Functional, efficient and comfortable

Renovations are often credited for bringing new life to a space while providing colours and designs that reflect the homeowner’s tastes. In other words, renovations can help make you look modern, sophisticated and stylish. A renovated kitchen also provides a home with a new sense of comfort and practicality. From new surfaces and utilities to a layout that better suits your lifestyle, a renovated kitchen can be a greater source of functionality and efficiency for cooking or entertaining.

New and improved for the holidays

Thanks to where EOFY falls on the calendar, there is ample opportunity to renovate your kitchen with enough time to show it off during the holiday season. The time between EOFY and the holidays gives you a chance to confirm your budget, consider your design and material preferences, and arrange the renovation work, all in time to surprise and delight your family and friends with a new space for them to enjoy when they visit.

4 areas of focus for your kitchen facelift 

The amount you have to invest in a kitchen facelift may vary at EOFY. It’s OK if your available budget does not allow for a complete top-to-bottom renovation. Remember, being unable to do everything at once is no reason not to do anything at all.  

Whether it’s focusing on one major aspect of your kitchen that you’ve always wanted to upgrade, or taking the first step towards a larger renovation journey, here are some of the areas you can focus on for EOFY.


Kitchen benchtops see the most action in any kitchen so focusing on a surfaces that best suit your needs is a great place to start. From stone to laminate to stainless steel, benchtops come in a range of styles and materials and have a significant influence on your kitchen’s style and functionality. With the responsibility of providing a place to prepare meals or store appliances, benchtops are a crucial feature in any home.


Perhaps you want to focus on your kitchen’s appearance? Whether it’s applied to your splashback, counters or cabinet doors, colour can create a calmer and inviting space or striking contrasts for a contemporary feel. Pops of colour can add a sense of personality while giving people something to focus on when they first come through the door.


It is incredibly easy for a kitchen to become cluttered and disorganised. Your kitchen can quickly become unusable if there isn’t enough suitable storage space for food, new appliances or dinnerware for the family. You might consider investing in new doors or shelves, or creative solutions like in-built spice racks or pull drawers for your pots and pans. Including new storage opportunities will help free up space in the kitchen and keep the home looking tidy and inviting.

Dream additions

New additions can be introduced to your existing kitchen and can be included without major remodelling. This is the perfect solution when you’re generally happy with your kitchen but still think it might be missing something to make it extra special. This might include a new sink or tapware or even a kitchen island.

Get your EOFY kitchen from DDK  

Our kitchen designers can help ensure that you get the most out of your EOFY kitchen facelift by providing solutions that best suit your priorities. Contact us today to start creating the kitchen you’ve always wanted.