How to maximise your kitchen storage

Life is busy, and when you’re constantly on the go things can start to fall through the cracks – like keeping your kitchen organised. Maybe your cupboards and drawers are exploding with pots and pans, or you’ve long forgotten what condiments are hiding way back in the darkest corner of your pantry.

Never fear! With good storage solutions that make use of the space, you can get things back on track in no time. Here are some tips and tricks for increasing your kitchen storage, so you can make things easier for future you.  

5 ways to get clever with your kitchen storage

1. Increase your kitchen storage shelving
Have a look at your space and consider where you might be able to add some extra shelving. This will give you more to work with and save you storing everything wherever it will fit. Try the empty space above the sink, or give those awkward corners a purpose.

2. Use your must-have kitchen essentials as decoration
You can use the open storage from your shelves to display your best utensils and appliances, or the pots and pans you’re using all the time.  This keeps them in easy reach, so you’ve not burrowing through drawers every day, and it allows more room for other items you can keep out of sight.  Plus, it creates an illusion of depth so your kitchen will look bigger.

3. De-clutter your kitchen cupboards
Take stock of what you have, and cull whatever you don’t need. Then make sure whatever’s left is stacked neatly and organised in a way that makes sense for your kitchen. Having coffee every morning? Make sure the mugs are near the machine.

4. Get creative with your kitchen storage
Think of fun new ways for arranging your kitchen storage. Making use of subtle and strategic storage can also help keep things tidy – like a drawer for the bin, built-in chopping boards that slot between cupboards, or lazy susans in your pantry to make it easier to see everything. Got a plain wall that isn’t really doing much? You could install your preferred open cabinets or shelving, giving you a great new feature and heaps of space. You’re modernising and optimising all at once.

5. Install a pantry if you haven’t got one
The use of the humble pantry dwindled for a while, but now they’re back and are a great way to reprieve the pressure of your cupboards having to take the load. Your pantry drawers and shelves will have plenty of kitchen storage. Plus, they’re easy to install. Got some space between your wall and fridge? A hidden pantry is a great way to ensure that space isn’t wasted.

Consider DDK’s clever hidden storage options

Looking for even more great ideas to maximise your kitchen storage? At DDK, we provide a range of solutions and accessories designed to optimise your organisation.

We can help design and install:

  • pull-out corner cabinets
  • pantry drawers
  • lazy susans
  • shelf dividers
  • drawer partitions
  • glass holders
  • spice racks
  • bespoke solutions

Get help with DDK’s facelift or a brand new kitchen

Any of these ideas striking inspiration? DDK is ready to help you transform your space and give you the best kitchen storage. For a cost and time effective option, consider the DDK facelift. We can use your existing structure and just replace cabinet doors, drawers and handles with new designs. Otherwise, if you’re ready for complete transformation with a total kitchen renovation we can custom design to your requirements.

Either way, you’ll work with our specialist kitchen designers, where they’ll listen to what you want and make expert suggestions that help you make the most of your space.

Get in touch with the team today so we can get started on your dream kitchen.