One of the easiest ways to give your kitchen a facelift is to replace the doors of your existing cabinets and cupboards. Changing your colour scheme and even replacing your door handles can transform the look of your kitchen and give you an entirely new style. 

Once you’ve decided on your cabinet layout, and regardless of whether your kitchen is getting a facelift is an entirely new build, our team can help you choose the perfect door style and material for your kitchen.

Door Colours

Some factors to consider when selecting door materials are: ease of cleaning, durability, gloss or matte finish and textured or smooth finish. 

Our range of doors comes in a variety of colours and designs.

Door Style and Material

Once you’ve decided on a colour scheme for your kitchen, the next step is to choose the material and style of your cabinet doors. If you’re unsure on which material you should choose, you can visit your closest Dream Doors showroom or let your Dream Doors expert know and they can bring along samples to your obligation-free appointment to help you decide.

To complement your chosen door material, you can also select a style of the door front. Are you considering a smooth, modern finish, or perhaps a more traditional routered door front? Depending on the material, there are a variety of door panel styles to suit your kitchen.

Door Handles and Openers

A new door front deserves a new handle, and the Dream Doors Kitchens Team has a wide range of handle styles, colours and sizes to choose from. Choosing a handle style to match your door fronts can be a feature point of your kitchen too. 

We can also assist with a range of handle-less options to access your doors. Push to open, soft-close, or indented door fronts are also options to make your kitchen cabinets more functional for your use.