Storage Types 

We know how hard it is to reach that back corner of the pantry, where the ingredients tend to get forgotten. Storage within your kitchen doesn’t have to be a regular shelved cupboard. Pull-out pantries have grown in popularity over recent years, due to their ease of use and accessibility. These pantries can be tucked away with an easy slide drawer. Or, we can use your existing pantry hinges to install pull-out shelves, to help make sure those back-corner-ingredients don’t get missed again. 

Do you also avoid cooking with certain utensils or appliances because they’re such a hassle to get out of the cupboard? For corner cabinets, consider pull out units, corner swing trays or lazy susans.

Storage Accessories

Take your kitchen’s storage possibilities one step further with our range of storage accessories. We can help you determine the common areas you’re using in the kitchen and how to implement practical accessories so you can make the most of your kitchen space.  

You may like to consider elements such as shelf dividers, drawer partitions, extendable towel racks, glass holders, spice racks, and other creative options when you’re designing your kitchen storage solutions.