Choosing the best lighting for your kitchen can help to create the perfect environment for functional food preparation and for entertaining house guests. We can work with you to ensure visibility in your kitchen isn’t compromised by style and that your lighting matches the themes of your kitchen renovation. 

Consider the tone of your lighting as well, such as a yellow or white base, to make sure that common workspaces have adequate lighting for the everyday use of your kitchen. 

Where possible, we can work with the natural light that your kitchen provides to maximise illumination and avoid shadows throughout the day.

Lighting Technology and Range

Our team can help you get creative with your kitchen lighting. We have a huge range of different lighting designs, colours, shapes and sizes for you to choose from, including: 

  • Downlights, spotlights and pendant lights, to create accents or ambience within your kitchen. 
  • Various bulb choices to suit your kitchen needs, such as fluorescent tubes, energy saving bulbs, halogens and LED bulbs.
  • Decorative lighting in furniture, such as overhead strip lighting or backlit images.

If you have an existing lighting feature – or if you’ve got your eye on a new piece – our team can install this as part of your kitchen renovation.