Sink Styles

Is one sink bowl or two more suitable for your kitchen needs? Will an attached drainer be useful? Once you’ve decided on these elements, your local Dream Doors Kitchens consultant can help advise which sink style will be most suitable for your kitchen, based on your bench top and budget.

Taps and Other Features

Not only does your kitchen tap serve a vital function in your family home, you can also be creative with the style you choose to install. Taps have moved to become a common talking point for kitchens, and can offer functions such as water-saving nozzles, extendable reach, hot/cold leavers and drinking water adapters. We can show you the latest range of taps and provide advice on installation in your kitchen.

While you’re installing your new sink and tap, why not consider some extra elements, such as under-sink storage options.

If you’re ready to talk sinks, contact your local Dream Doors Kitchens to organise a quote.