Where to start with kitchen renovations?

Dreaming of a kitchen facelift? The kitchen is the heart of the home, and a kitchen renovation can give you an incredible space to cook up a storm, and entertain family and friends. It can also make family mealtimes less stressful, as well as adding value to your home.

But did you know that to achieve the kitchen design of your dreams, you don’t actually need to gut the whole space and start again? Instead, you can upgrade the existing external facings to give it a kitchen facelift. It not only saves time, but creates more affordable kitchens that still deliver jaw-dropping results.

Here are some things to think about ahead of your kitchen renovation.

Planning a kitchen renovation

Just like with anything, before you start forging ahead and choosing your new benchtop stone and light fittings, you need to take things back to the beginning and make a plan. Start by gathering some kitchen ideas and pictures of what you love and what you’d like to achieve with your space. Also make sure you understand your budget. Particularly when armed with tools like Pinterest and interior design magazines, it’s not hard for the budget to completely blow out. But affordable kitchens are possible, so set your budget based on what you can afford, and stick to it.

Kitchen design planning

Now time to get to the nitty gritty of planning. It can be a great time to visit showrooms and speak to experts about what you’re aiming for with your kitchen renovation and to get kitchen design ideas.

Companies like Dream Doors Kitchen specialise in creating affordable kitchens, with both full kitchen renovations, plus kitchen facelifts – where we use as much of your existing kitchen structure as possible, while changing the look and feel with doors, handles, benchtops and splashbacks.

This is a great option if you’re already happy with the layout and structure of your kitchen design, but want to give it a fresh new style. A Dream Doors Kitchens designer can take you through which parts of your kitchen can be upgraded, and can help you to identify what should stay and what should be replaced. They’ll help create a plan for your kitchen, and let you know what is possible within your timeline and budget. You can even make small additional changes, like adding a cabinet or moving an appliance. Make sure you take along your kitchen ideas and your designer can help you see what will work in your space.

Think of the pipes

As part of your planning process, keep in mind where the pipes are in your kitchen. Moving your sink, or dishwasher, or other plumbed appliances could require extensive plumbing, which will not only add to your expenses, but also likely extend your timeline. Creating a plan that keeps the sink and other appliances in the same spot can help avoid this.

Get the kitchen renovation underway

Once the plan is in place, you’ll need to book in your chosen kitchen renovators or builders, or order the relevant parts, and book in the tradespeople you need.

For a major kitchen remodel, you may first need to get your existing cabinets removed so the space is empty and construction-ready. You can choose to do this yourself or engage a qualified tradesperson. If you have engaged someone to rebuild your kitchen, they may do this as part of the project. Then your new kitchen will be built or installed, all ready for you to enjoy for years to come.

If you are opting for a kitchen facelift with Dream Doors Kitchen, you get to skip the first step. Instead, the specialist kitchen designers will visit your kitchen for a site measurement, to ensure everything fits perfectly the first time. Then your kitchen is custom-made by local manufacturers using Australian Made High Moisture Resistant materials, before being professionally installed. It involves minimal downtime meaning you can get back into your kitchen sooner, and make the most of your stunning, refreshed space.

Want to start planning your kitchen facelift? Speak to the team at your local Dream Doors Kitchen to find out how they can create your dream kitchen for less.