Popular kitchen trends cooking in 2024


Over the past few years we have seen an evolution of designs and layouts that have laid a foundation for trends in 2024. These are set to influence some exciting modern kitchens in the future.

If there’s one thing that never changes, it’s that the kitchen remains the focal point of any home. No longer a space exclusive to preparing meals, kitchens provide a space to eat, work and socialise. It has a lot of responsibility in the home and this year’s upcoming trends reflect that importance.

Here are some key considerations for kitchen trends in 2024.

Sustainability continues to be a major factor

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Sustainability has become a consistent priority in any kitchen upgrade. Home owners are not only opting for energy efficient and water-saving solutions, but are also interested in durable, long-life materials that will reduce their home’s carbon footprint. Ultimately, it’s more important than ever to create a kitchen that will stand the test of time without consuming extra resources and becoming an environmental liability.

This focus has made the kitchen facelift a preferable alternative over a full kitchen renovation, as the process requires less materials, generates less waste, and recycles as much of the existing kitchen as possible to create something new.

Functional and attractive: Kitchens are becoming the entire package


There’s no reason to sacrifice practicality for aesthetic. When it comes to kitchen trends, there are those that are design-related and others that focus on function. Today’s modern kitchens blend the two to ensure you have a space that not only looks great but suits your lifestyle perfectly.

Latest kitchen trends include bold colours, sleek surfaces and statement pieces, while utilising grout-free surfaces and open, well-ventilated layouts for easier movement and upkeep. They may also include charging stations and incorporate modern appliances like energy saving lights, smart fridges and sensor taps.

Here are some other kitchen trends that are growing more popular in 2024. 

Clever, ample storage

A reoccurring kitchen trend for 2024 is to make the most out of kitchen storage. Storage plays a crucial role in keeping benchtops tidy and maintaining an organised kitchen now and in the future.

Storage that prioritises organisation is in high demand. There is a growing desire for butler pantries, cabinets with customisable drawer dividers and partitions, and deep floor-to-ceiling cabinets to help maximise storage. Functionality is also a must, with additional drawers and built-in charging stations a popular option to optimise everyday kitchen use.

Solid splashback that makes a statement

A kitchen’s splashback is often associated with tiles, patterns and an opportunity to show some creative flare. A solid splashback with continuous material can still make a statement in your kitchen, but it can often do so with greater simplicity, sophistication and versatility. Solid splashbacks are becoming increasingly popular with those looking for a clean backdrop and a timeless, seamless and uncluttered surface that can match various kitchen design elements.

If cleaning your kitchen is a chore you try and avoid, a solid splashback is for you. The complete lack of grout lines makes it easier to wipe down.

Communal spaces

Kitchens have evolved from the traditional cooking space into hubs that prioritise togetherness and shared experiences. Families and friends gather to work, socialise and bond over good food.

Trending kitchens provide a communal ‘eat-and-live’ space that is open, inviting and comfortable for people to sit, connect and relax. Their layouts feature space for counter stools, larger benchtops and islands, and breakfast nooks. They may also include space for a dining table, whether that be a standalone table or something in-built and incorporated into the kitchen’s layout. 

Minimalism and “hidden” appliances

As kitchens become more communal, there is a growing trend to create minimal, stress-free spaces with clean lines and unobstructed paths. This helps make a kitchen easier to clean and feel more open to larger groups of people. 

Traditional handles are being replaced with handleless push-to-open cabinet doors. Large appliances, like fridges and dishwashers, can be integrated into the layout. These large integrated appliances can be hidden with an exterior panel fixed to the front, creating the appearance of continuous cabinets in the kitchen. Many trending kitchens will incorporate a small alcove storage space or small pantries to hide away smaller appliances like toasters and kettles.

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