How to survive a kitchen renovation: tips for a stress-free process

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Kitchen renovations are an exciting time, signifying new beginnings for your household. However, big changes like this often involve a lot of stress, especially with so many different moving parts you need to keep track of. Between figuring out what you want, determining how much to invest, and temporarily losing access to your most used space, there’s a lot to think about. 

Here are some things you can do to deal with the chaos and survive your kitchen renovation with as little strife as possible. 

8 tips for an easy kitchen renovation 

1. Only upgrade the elements that need it 

Giving your kitchen a brand-new look doesn’t have to mean overhauling the whole space. In fact, with small strategic upgrades (or a kitchen facelift), you can make it look like a completely different room. If you like your existing layout and structure, simply update elements like your doors, panels, benchtops, splashbacks and handles with something more aligned with your style. 

This prevents your kitchen from being out of commission for as long and you can relieve the pressure of finding alternative cooking arrangements. It also provides a new look for less, so there are fewer budget concerns that add to your kitchen renovation stress. 

2. Don’t DIY – leave it to the experts  

DIY might seem tempting from a cost-saving perspective, but this is guaranteed to turn your stress dial up to the max. There is a much greater capacity for things to go wrong which is ultimately more costly, and the process is a lot more demanding when you aren’t 100% confident in what you’re doing. Outsourcing to the experts can give you the reassurance that the project will be done correctly, safely and to a high standard, with all building regulations and compliance obligations followed.  

3. Make sure you know what you want  

You should start your kitchen upgrade with a relatively clear idea of what you want. Research different styles and determine your vision so you can discuss with your kitchen designer. That way, you can talk openly with them about what you want to achieve and they can wield their expertise to figure out how to make it happen. Together you can work through suggestions and ideas to achieve a fabulous end result. 

4. Create a budget  

Money is a big source of stress in many circumstances, so if you can plan and account for this it will help ensure you experience an easy kitchen renovation. As you plan your budget, think about your priorities so you can invest in the most important elements, and ask your kitchen designer if they can help you determine expenses. That way you can see what will cost you most and make informed budgeting decisions surrounding your priorities. It also helps to account for unexpected expenses, so you won’t be left scrambling if something goes wrong. 

5. Agree on a schedule   

Talk with your kitchen designer and contractor about your schedule. That way, you can plan your life around it and won’t be left waiting in the wings as your kitchen renovation is completed. It can be extra handy when you understand the stages of the project schedule. Ask questions like:

  • What trades are involved and in what order will they be done? 
  • How long will each take? 
  • Can any overlap?
  • Is there any lengthy delivery times on materials to account for? 

Setting your expectations like this is a great way to manage your stress. 

6. Keep communication open   

As the experts create your dream kitchen, it’s important to make sure that you’re kept in the loop. After all, it’s your home so you deserve to know what’s happening inside of it. By setting boundaries and maintaining open communication with your contractors, you can make sure everything is being done to your specifications and tastes. This mitigates the stress of you returning home to find something that’s not aligned with your expectations. These misunderstandings can be costly, and open communication can help avoid them. At DDK, we understand the importance of this so we check in with our clients and keep them informed of any changes. 

7. Stay flexible  

As with anything in life, your renovation won’t always go to plan. By understanding that unexpected delays and issues can arise at any moment, you can reduce the stress you feel when they actually happen. Flexibility and patience in the face of timeline, budget, or even material challenges can empower you to adapt better and think with a level head as you identify a solution. 

8. Make a backup plan for food prep  

Your kitchen will be out of action for a little while – maybe a day, maybe a week, depending on the level of renovation being done. Either way, making alternative plans will make your life easier. For a shorter period, takeout food and disposable cutlery are a great way to minimise cleanup. For a more major kitchen upgrade, consider using a BBQ to cook, or opt for simple, no-cook meals. 

Experience an easy kitchen renovation with DDK 

At DDK, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality kitchen renovations, from end to end. Our processes are specifically designed to make things as simple and stress-free as possible for you so you can focus on getting your dream kitchen. Our kitchen designers will work with you to bring your vision to life, you’ll be kept in the loop through every stage of the project. Ask us about our kitchen facelifts and renovation services today.