How to choose a kitchen style that’s right for you

If you’re looking to renovate your kitchen, how much thought have you put into the style of the room?

There are a lot of different kitchen styles out there, so it can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing the right look for your space. Often, the best way to select a kitchen style is to look at style inspiration online, or even take a look at past projects from kitchen renovation companies.

Here at DDK, we’ve devised a list of the most common kitchen styles to help you choose a kitchen look that’s right for you.

Traditional/classic kitchen 

Simple, no fuss, and plenty of room to personalise – that’s what makes it a classic kitchen. The architecture is usually simple and clean, often with wood panelling, and is traditional and elegant in design. Everything works to complement one another, and nothing is too loud or modern. Classic kitchens make use of white or cream cabinetry, and if you’re a fan of heritage colours like soft greys and taupes, this is likely the style for you.

It’s also a great option if your tastes often change and you want to choose a kitchen style with some versatility. The simplicity of this style makes it a great base to build upon, and changing the lighting and furniture will completely shift the feel of the space without causing clashes. Fill it with modern appliances, and you’ve got a kitchen that’s stylish and functional.

Modern kitchen 

If you’re looking to stay on top of kitchen clutter, consider a modern kitchen style which relies on a clean design, quality materials and needs little ornamentation.

The hallmark of a modern kitchen is its reflective surfaces and high-tech materials. Cabinets are usually frameless, and the whole space consists of strong horizontal lines, while leaving room for playful finishes and personalisation.

Open plan living is also common in this style, so if you’re a fan of hosting there is plenty of room to interact with guests while in the kitchen. This also means your family won’t be pressed for space when you’re in there together!

Country kitchen 

If you’re wanting a kitchen style that’s a step away from the usual minimalistic look, a farmhouse/country style kitchen might be what you’re looking for.

These kitchens are cosy and welcoming. They always have a ‘lived-in’ look, which is achieved through mixing different materials, finishes and colours. They’re a combination of function and comfort, usually with lots of cupboards and pantry space, as well as open shelving, wide sinks, and a big kitchen table.

They’re also often styled with country colours like shades of red, yellow, blue, pale yellow and cream, with the priority to mix rather than match. This makes the whole space quite eclectic, and the overall style could be seen as a form of maximalism.

Coastal kitchen 

If you want to choose a kitchen style that’s going to leave you feeling relaxed and serene, look into the coastal style.

These kitchens use accents of white and cream, with a soothing main feature colour. Blues, greens, light beiges, and soft pinks are known to have calming effects, and often feature in these types of kitchens.

Wicker seating is a common fixture in a coastal kitchen, as are large windows that open up the space and provide natural light. Accessories and backsplash tiles might even be beach themed! You can have a stay-cation every day if you base your kitchen aesthetic around this style.

Scandinavian kitchen   

Are you a fan of a less-is-more approach? Then a Scandinavian style kitchen might be the one for you. This is all about form, function, and clean lines.

Often minimalism is a key inspiration, with pale colours like bright white accented by wood flooring. Textured, simple splashbacks are also a fixture that feed into the subdued yet stylish look.

The whole space is typically bright, airy and open, with scaled back kitchen wear.

DDK can bring your vision to life   

If you’ve chosen your look, or need further advice on how to choose a kitchen style, speak to the experts.

You will be able to have a free design consultation with one of our kitchen designers, and they’ll work with you to create a plan while helping you select materials for your space. We’re across the latest and greatest in kitchen aesthetics, so we’ll easily bring your dream kitchen to life.  Get in touch today.