‘Family friendly’ or ‘display home ready’? Get a kitchen makeover to suit your lifestyle

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When it comes to a kitchen makeover, the result should not only look great but be perfectly suited to your lifestyle. From cooking and eating to working and socialising, we do a lot in the kitchen. The space should not only complement your everyday activities and interactions with others, but enhance them.

Your kitchen makeover will be influenced by your design priorities. Are you looking for a kitchen with modern flare that will excite your guests? Or are you looking for something durable, practical and able to withstand heavy activity? 

Whether you’re focusing on appearance or practicality, these considerations will likely lead you down one of two design paths – modern style or family style.

Creating modern kitchens

Modern kitchens are typically defined by clean, sleek and uncluttered aesthetics. They look pristine while also being open, functional and inviting. In other words, a modern design can make your kitchen look ‘display home ready’.

Here are some important elements to consider if you’re interested in a modern kitchen makeover.

Less ornamentation

A lack of ornamentation is the signature of a modern kitchen. Not to be mistaken for minimalism or lack of clutter, ornamentation defines the materials, textures, colours, patterns and asymmetrical characteristics found in conventional kitchens. Modern kitchens will forgo ornamentation for sleek hardware, simple backsplashes, smooth surfaces, and countertops with little to no pattern or veining.

Careful colouring

Neutral colours including white, grey, and beige are synonymous with modern designs, as are colours with a softer tone that create a clean, subtle look throughout the kitchen. A monochromatic scheme can also give the entire space a sleek and cohesive appearance. Modern kitchens can also find a sense of character from contrasting colour combinations, such as pairing white cabinets with a black countertop.

Minimalism and symmetry

Minimalist and symmetrical features create a simple but elegant look. Modern kitchens are often defined by their use of horizontal lines, flat panel cabinet doors and frameless cabinets to make every aspect of the kitchen appear flush, uncluttered and seamless.

Creating family kitchens

A practical ‘family-style’ kitchen makeover is designed with functionality and convenience in mind. It’s all about creating a space that brings people together and can stand up to whatever life throws at it.

Here are some elements that make a great family-style kitchen.

Generous storage and room for growth

Practical, family-friendly kitchens prioritise storage solutions that make organisation easy. This may include generous cabinet space, built-in pantry units and open shelving for easy access to everyday essentials. It’s also important to consider storage for the future, providing ample space that will allow you to grow into your kitchen and be ready for any change in lifestyle.

Durable and easy-to-clean materials

Whether you have kids at home or you just take your cooking seriously, material selection is a huge aspect of designing a practical kitchen. It’s important to select materials that are durable enough to withstand wear and tear without damaging easily, while also being easy to clean. Consider ceramic or ‘metro’ tiling, engineered stone benchtops and laminate surfaces.

Make the space warm and versatile 

Practical kitchens provide a multitude of functions for the whole family. You may consider adding additional bench space, a kitchen island or nooks where you and others can gather for meals, homework, and other activities.

However, designing a practical kitchen might be for nothing if people don’t feel comfortable using it. Consider warm and inviting décor with a light colour scheme, warm wood finishes, or decorative touches that can help create a welcoming atmosphere for family members and guests.

Incorporating both styles in your kitchen makeover

If you like elements from both styles, don’t stress about missing out! Modern kitchens can incorporate practical elements without sacrificing style, and practical kitchens can of course feature contemporary design elements to make them look incredible. It’s OK to want a bit of everything. In fact, it’s quite achievable.

Designing a kitchen that incorporates both modern and practical elements involves marrying clean lines, neutral colour palettes, and high-quality materials with family-oriented features. This includes ample storage, durable surfaces and a well thought out layout that accommodates the needs of an active household. The inclusion of a central island encourages gatherings and casual meals, while smart storage solutions keep everything accessible and orderly. The result is a contemporary kitchen that blends modern style with the practicality and comfort required for everyday life, striking the perfect balance between form and function.

DDK can deliver kitchen upgrades that add value to your lifestyle.

Whether you opt for a modern kitchen makeover or choose a practical, family-friendly design, your kitchen transformation should reflect your unique needs and style. When you work with DDK, we’ll take the time to carefully consider your lifestyle, budget, and personal preferences to help you make the right choice.

Get in touch today and create a kitchen that truly feels like the heart of your home.