Design a kitchen perfect for your next party

Whether it be a dinner party, a house party, or even just a few drinks with friends, when you entertain a group of people in your home, you are almost always centred around the kitchen. That’s why it’s important to optimise the design of your kitchen when looking to renovate – making sure the space works not only for day-to-day, but that it also supports your hosting duties for a great guest experience!

Is your space in need of sprucing up? Bring your hosting to new heights with these top entertaining tips for your kitchen.

The best kitchen layouts for entertaining

The way your kitchen is set up is important. Space is key, as you don’t want to be squishing past people or moving guests out of the way while you host. Planning the layout is important to ensure the area flows to support the busy, moving nature of the space.

An open-plan layout is a great way to ensure everyone can move freely, without isolating you as the host while you prepare food and drinks. You should be able to move effortlessly between dining and seating areas, so make sure your design gives you ample space between zones. An L or U-shaped layout is also a great option, and means you can make use of the working triangle – the line between the sink, cooktop, and fridge that maximises your kitchen’s functionality. Plus, don’t forget to consider your lighting options and choose something atmospheric that will generate the right ambiance for your guests.

How we do kitchen layouts at DDK
Whether you want a full kitchen renovation or a DDK facelift, we’ll work with you to choose a layout that fits with your existing structure and budget. There’s a bunch of options to choose from – we’ll chat to you about your vision for the space and guide you in the right direction.

Get yourself a kitchen island

The kitchen island is at the heart of your kitchen, and for a host who loves to be in the middle of the action, it allows you to cook and entertain at the same time! Then, once everything’s ready to go, you have the perfect serving space for your guests. Plus, simply pull out some extra chairs and you’ve got a great casual dining space for everyone to socialise at before and after meals.

Almost every kitchen has the capacity to add an island – a seemingly small addition that can have a huge impact on your space. Not only does it act as a great visual centrepiece for you guests, it also offers extra storage options that help keep your kitchen clean, organised, and primed for entertainment. 

How we do kitchen islands at DDK 
We’ve installed island benches in a host of homes at DDK. We take careful measurements of the existing space, and determine how best to include everything. We also work with you to determine which benchtop is best, especially if you want your kitchen island to be a feature, and enlist local manufacturers to craft your kitchen island from materials, colours and profiles customised to your taste. You will most likely get a refresh of your existing benchtops to craft synergy with the whole room. Find out more about our kitchen benchtops.

Make the most of your pantry

The goal for any party – having enough space for prep and to hide the mess! A butler’s pantry with an additional sink and benchtop is a great way to keep things clean and organised, without the eyesore of dirty dishes piling up for all your guests to see.

A standard scullery style pantry can also work just as well. Effective storage is key – make sure it still has enough room for all the goodies you’ll cook with, as well as the washing up, and enough space to store the leftovers. Keeping the serving and entertaining space free of clutter and mess means maintaining the party atmosphere and not turning it into a working station.

How we do pantries at DDK
We can make space for a larger pantry to fit with your kitchen measurements, and install it with no fuss. We can also simply refresh the exterior while maintaining your existing structure. Find out more about how we can help you make the most out of the kitchen pantry.

Entertaining kitchen essentials  

Good quality appliances and extras will bring your party to a whole new level. When selecting your everyday appliances, keep in mind how they may be used when you entertain. Noise can travel in open plan layouts, so it’s important to select appliances that make sure conversation and ambience isn’t disrupted.

How we do kitchen extras at DDK
Need more space for your current fridge? We’ve got you covered. Looking for new kitchen appliances? No trouble! We can custom design your wish-list to your kitchen’s requirements. We can work with you to determine what appliances you want aesthetically and functionally, or integrate your existing ones into your new kitchen design. Read more about our appliances options.

Ready for a kitchen made for entertaining?

Overflowing with ideas for your kitchen? Get in touch with your local DDK for a free design consultation. Whether it be a kitchen renovation or a simple refresh, let’s get things moving and bring your dream kitchen to life!