8 cost effective and on-trend kitchen renovation tips

DDK kitchen renovation hacks

Renovating your kitchen can often be a stressful, costly, and time-consuming affair, especially when it’s compounded by the fact you can’t use it for extended periods of time. Luckily, there are ways around this.

With some strategic changes to key elements within your kitchen, you can bring your dream space to life without needing to start from scratch. At DDK, we are experienced in kitchen renovations, so we wanted to show you ways to make this happen. You’ll be amazed at how attainable your dream space can be by making small alterations to your kitchen.  

Check out our go-to guide below on renovating your kitchen with these 8 cost-effective and on-trend kitchen renovation tips.

Our kitchen renovation hacks

1. Keep your existing kitchen layout

This is the number one home renovation hack. If you like your layout, there’s no reason to change it. This is generally the most expensive part of a remodel, so if you can skip it, you will end up saving a lot of time and money that can be spent elsewhere. In particular, keeping the position of your sink and stove will remove the expense and hassle of moving gas and plumbing lines, since these kinds of alterations need to be done by an experienced, accredited plumber.

Our DDK kitchen facelift is a perfect alternative, as we use as much of your existing kitchen structure as we can and simply replace your doors, handles, benchtops, and splashbacks to give you a brand-new kitchen with less fuss.

2. Update your kitchen doors 

Your cabinets and cupboards make up the bulk of your space, so updating these will go a long way in transforming the look of your kitchen. It doesn’t need to be a huge overhaul either. By simply replacing your doors and keeping the internal structure intact, you can achieve the same result as a brand new kitchen.

The new doors will go a long way in achieving your desired vision, and you can choose from a variety of colours and finishes. Maybe you want a high-tech white gloss for a modern feel, or maybe you want a fun vibrant colour for a more eclectic look. You could even make a statement with a striking colour. The world is your oyster thanks to this kitchen renovation tip!

3. Try some new door handles and fixtures

Changing your door handles and knobs is a great, cost-effective kitchen renovation hack and a simple way to shake things up. They have a real impact on the finish of your cupboards and drawers, and this can easily flow into the rest of the space. So, whatever type you choose has the power to dictate, or at least massively contribute to the overall look of your space. You can bring cohesion, add quirk, or make a style statement.

For some inspiration, brushed metals like nickel make things much more contemporary, while galvanised steel brings to life an urban-industrial style, and rose gold or bronze can make things look more aged. You can choose just one handle type, or you can mix and match to achieve something more eclectic and bohemian. Whatever you select is sure to breathe life into your new kitchen.  

4. Replace your fixtures   

Replacing your fixtures is also a great home renovation hack, especially in tandem with new kitchen doors as it can really tie the style together. New taps and sinks that fit in with the aesthetics of your cupboard doors can give your kitchen character and creates a subtle visual interest. Maybe something in matte black or white is your missing piece, or you could try a solid ceramic or stone. Otherwise, a classic stainless steel sink will never miss.

Your lighting can have the same effect. Match the mood and choose from a range of options, whether it be downlights, spotlights, or pendant lights. Pendant lights in particular are currently on-trend.

5. Install a new splashback     

Along with protecting your walls from grease and grime build-ups, your kitchen splashback is a great frame for your kitchen. Often the most eye-catching piece, it’s an opportunity to create a feature wall that elevates and alters your space.

Mirrored splashbacks are quite popular at the moment, especially since they create the illusion of a more expansive room. Otherwise, laminate options are easy to wipe down and clean, and reflective surfaces like stainless steel contribute to a contemporary look. Add personality with a unique pattern, shape, or colour, or achieve elegance with stone or mineral.

6. Optimise your storage     

No one likes a messy kitchen – it leaves your mind feeling as cluttered as your benchtops! But, with effective storage options it will be a lot easier to keep your kitchen clean, making it feel like a brand-new space. This kitchen renovation hack can keep your cupboards and surfaces organised, with easy access to all the things you need, while enjoying the benefits of a mess-free working area.

With corner shelves or pantries with pull out drawers, you can take full advantage of the room you have, even in a smaller space. Things like shelf dividers, drawer partitions, glass holders and spice racks offer ways to maintain the insides of your drawers and stop things from spilling out. Even extra drawers in your kitchen island, or extended cabinet heights will make the world of difference.  

7. Make use of open shelving

A storage and styling method, open shelving is very popular at the moment, as you can use it to store less used items and showcase your best kitchenware. Or you may even decide to place art pieces and various other bits and bobs to add pops of colour!

Simple and effective, this open shelving is a great, inexpensive way to create vertical visual interest in your kitchen that adds to your overall vision for the space. You can also use hooks to display your pots and pans, which is a fun way to add a touch of practicality.

8. Invest in a quality benchtop 

Your benchtop is a key design element that must combine function and style. This is where you can spend a little extra on quality, durable materials that align with your vision. After all, it has to hold up against the day-to-day chopping, spilling, wiping and general cooking activities.

The most popular option is stone, which can add a sense of sophistication as well as being scratch and water-resistant. Made to be highly durable, stone is best for a polished aesthetic and comes in a range of colours and finishes. Laminate is another option, which people like for its affordability, easy cleaning, and hard-wearing nature.

Timber is also a potential choice, which is often contrasted with steel or glass elements in modern kitchens.

Make things easy with DDK

Now that you’ve got the best kitchen renovation tips, it’s time to get started. For support with your kitchen renovation, talk to the team at DDK about our kitchen facelifts.

We use your existing layout, and replace your doors, handles, benchtops and splashbacks to give you a brand-new kitchen at a fraction of the cost. You’ll have access to Australian made, moisture-resistant materials and the expertise of our specialist kitchen designers committed to bringing your space to life.

We pride ourselves on providing affordable options, with minimal disruption to you, your family, and your home. Check out our socials to see our amazing kitchen facelifts, and get in touch today for a free design consultation.