Top Tips for Decorating a Small Kitchen

by Laura Barry


Limited floor space doesn’t have to mean limiting your style. A small kitchen is simply an opportunity to get creative with your design skills and Think outside the box.

Prioritise functionality and practicality, but don’t forget that every room deserves to be pretty – no matter how small! Interior designer Jasmine McClelland of Jamine McClelland Design tells us her top list of do’s and don’ts for decorating a small kitchen.


  1. “Don’t buy appliances BEFORE you have your finished kitchen design.  This will help you avoid buying appliances that are too big, don’t suit the parameters or simply won’t function in your smaller space.”
  2. “DON’T try and fit too much in! Looking and dreaming over designs and glossy magazine spreads of large kitchens and then trying to make them work on your smaller space will just create clutter and headaches.”
  3. “DON’T forget to consider how important lighting is.  Good lighting not only enables functional use of the space, but can also be a key part of creating style and character. “
  4. “DON’T go beyond your budget. It is 100% possible to create a wonderful, small kitchen without breaking the bank.  Invest time beforehand in researching different designs, finishes and styles to work out what you want and can afford. Using a designer may seem like an extra cost, but a good designer will save you time and money in the long run.”
  5. “DON’T think a smaller space can’t be gorgeous.  Balance function with design to show off your own taste and style. Consider how it sits in the rest of your house and from the beginning design in some unique features or spaces to showcase what you love.”


  1. “DO choose lighter colours. In a small kitchen pick whites and lighter colours to open up the space. This creates an experience of air and space and avoids feeling closed in.”
  2. “DO Create interest.  A small kitchen doesn’t need to lack personality.  Instead of bold colours you can choose tiles you love or create interesting patterns to express your style.”
  3. “DO be smart with space.  In a smaller kitchen it is essential to think how you can use every space wisely. Consider how you can make the most of every nook and cranny, space saving mechanisms (I.e. Le Mans units in corners, separators to store vertically instead of horizontally) will make all the difference.”
  4. “DO choose smaller appliances where possible. Consider whether you really need a full dishwasher or large double sink.  Often your kitchen will function just as well with smaller versions or smarter appliances.  A half dishwasher or multifunction oven can save space and still meet your needs.”
  5. “DO double up your bench top as a breakfast bar where friends and family can pull up a stool and chat/sample/drink while you’re cooking away.  This means your small kitchen will not just be functional, but still serve as the heart of your home.”

These kitchen design tips are very helpful to those who are planning to upgrade their small kitchen. If you are also thinking of upgrading your kitchen, contact Dream Doors Kitchens today! Feel free to reach us, click here.

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