Storage Solutions: Kitchen Islands

The kitchen is the one room where there never seems to be enough storage, and when trying to sell your home you’ll find it’s something people will definitely be looking for. If you’re renovating you’re in luck – you can customise your cabinets to fit all your needs. But if a full renovation isn’t in the cards, there are still some practical and stylish solutions that will help solve your storage problems. Depending on the size of your space and the size of your budget, consider some of the following options.

Custom Kitchen Islands

A custom kitchen island built to suit your specific needs can be the ideal solution if your space and budget allow for it. Not only can they provide a ton of additional storage for things like dishes and pots and pans, you can also include a sink, cooktop and space for appliances like dishwashers, bar fridges and microwaves. Anything that integrates plumbing or electrical will obviously add a little complexity to the build, but in most cases anything is possible. And of course, a custom island can be built to suit the exact size and style specifications of your choosing.

Prefab Kitchen Islands

There is an existing prefab island for just about every size and style of kitchen imaginable. Before purchasing make sure your space can accommodate it. Remember that there should be at least 42″ between the island and any cabinets or appliances to allow for room to walk and for doors to open (48″ is better if you can manage it). Also consider your specific storage needs and the look you want to create. Some people like open storage while others find it too cluttered-looking. One of the great things about these types of kitchen islands is that when you move you can either take them with you or leave them there for the future owners – but either way, they’ll look great when you’re showing your house.

Kitchen Carts

If space is an issue a small kitchen cart can help alleviate some of the overflow. While much smaller than traditional islands, these handy pieces are easy to move around and can fit into all sorts of small and awkward spaces.
In some cases, you may even want to use both an island and a cart. Just make sure you’ve always got room to move around and open appliance and cabinet doors safely. While these pieces can be great for adding storage, you can have too much of a good thing if the space becomes too crowded and ultimately unsafe.

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