Aluminium Framed Doors

by polytec


Polytec’s clean-lined ALUMINIUM framed doors, comprising of two unique ranges, fulfils demand for well-resolved cabinetry solutions suited to indoor kitchens and the growing trend of having a fully equipped, under cover outdoor kitchen counterpart.

Designed for indoor kitchen application, ALUMINIUM framed doors are available in five frame widths and a choice of profiles – slimline, wide or shadow. Further customisation is possible for a more or less translucent or reflective effect, via an array of glass inserts which include – Frosted, Starphire White, Starphire Black, Mirror, Smokey Mirror or Clear.

For perfect harmony, ALUMINIUM framed doors are available in Brushed Stainless finish, consistent in colour to stainless steel appliances, or pared back Satin Aluminium. The products are exceedingly durable, low maintenance, easy to clean and carry a 7-year warranty. There’s the additional benefit of being able to mix, match or contrast the ALUMINIUM framed door family with like-minded quality materials from polytec’s BENCHTOPS & laminate, THERMOLAMINATED doors, MELAMINE doors and EVOLUTION range.

Here are 3 advantages of choosing Aluminium Doors:

1. Robust, durable and easy to maintain

Aluminium is well known for its robust properties, especially when exposed to the elements. It is unaffected by UV rays, it will not rot, rust or bend.

What’s more is that it is virtually maintenance free, only requiring regular cleaning to keep it looking as good as new.

Aluminium is a material that handles damp, rain and harsh sunlight exceptionally well. It won’t warp, crack, discolour, rot or rust. Aluminium is also fireproof, offering added safety.

2. Long-lasting colour and a high-end finish

Any high-end range of aluminium doors should have a sleek powder coat finish, which means that they never need to be painted as the finish offers excellent longevity.

Because aluminium is light, malleable and easy to work with, it offers high levels of wind, water and air-tightness for optimum in-house energy efficiency.

Another thing to think about is that some aluminium doors have an anodised coating, which is a process that is harmful to the environment. Powder coating is a far better finish in terms of eco-ratings.

3. Energy efficiency

Aluminium is recyclable, which significantly reduces the overall carbon footprint of any aluminium doors. In fact, recycling aluminium requires only 5% of the initial energy consumed to create it.

And lastly, aluminium offers supreme durability and longevity, which further reduce their already low carbon footprint.

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