by Lincoln Sentry

Sophisticated, simple and slim

Experience elegance with LEGRABOX, the latest box system from Blum. The elegant box system is unprecedented in its level of performance and is characterised by a slim design with straight lines and a particularly high quality of motion. LEGRABOX leads the way with revolutionary technology, functionality and design.

Numerous applications

The simple design of LEGRABOX is at home in many areas. The box system is also ideally suited to bedrooms and dressing rooms thanks to the outstanding runner action and the silent and effortless closing. Perfect for retail situations, the elegant design of LEGRABOX supports attractive product presentation in commercial applications.

LEGRABOX pure, pull-out side C in Silk White Matt, AMBIA-LINE frames in Silk White Matt.

LEGRABOX pure, drawer side height M, AMBIA-LINE drawer frames in Orion Grey Matt.

LEGRABOX pure, drawer side height C in Terra Black Matt, AMBIA-LINE frame in Terra Black Matt.

Fascinating technology

The LEGRABOX cabinet profile exemplifies technology. The completely new runner system provides even greater quality of motion and combines a simple design with excellent runner performance. The innovative runner system offers greater ease of use with minimal opening forces and a synchronised smooth running action from the very first millimetre.

Full carrying capacity

LEGRABOX performs outstandingly even when fully extended and heavily loaded. The high dynamic carrying capacity of 40kg and 70kg provides a wide range of design freedom such as very wide and heavy pull-outs. Thanks to low sag values, solutions with pull-outs positioned at the base of the cabinet are possible.

Stability for high fronts

Extra high fronts that conceal inner drawers and pull-outs are becoming more and more significant as a design element. LEGRABOX supports this design trend with a new type of front fixing bracket that guarantees maximum stability when opening and closing.

Impressive ease of use

Quality of motion is the driving force behind the entire development and manufacturing of Blum products. LEGRABOX drawers and pullouts open, move and close effortlessly making furniture easier to operate and provides a higher level of practicality and comfort.


BLUMOTION soft-close technology is integrated into the cabinet profile and adapts itself to the size, weight and speed of the closing furniture.


With SERVO-DRIVE electrical motion support, a light touch on the handle-less front or a gentle pull on the handle opens furniture. SERVO-DRIVE is compatible with BLUMOTION soft-close, enhancing comfort and freedom of motion.


Offering functional opening and closing support for handle-less furniture is TIP-ON BLUMOTION, our 100% mechanical opening and soft closing support system. This technology combines two competing forces and makes for a completely harmonious experience when operating drawers and pull-outs.

Cabinet solutions

Innovative cabinet solutions ensure available space is optimised. Blum’s space-saving cabinet solutions create valuable additional storage space without changing the size of the room. The sink drawer, SPACE TOWER and narrow cabinets are all achievable with LEGRABOX pure.

Sink drawer

Blum’s sink drawer makes optimal use of available space around the sink. Additional usable space is gained via the u-shaped cut out for the sink bowl.

Narrow cabinets

Blum’s narrow cabinets solution makes use of otherwise wasted yet valuable storage space in kitchens. This is especially practical when positioned close to the preparation bench or stove for bottle and spice storage, carrying up to 20 kgs.


Blum’s SPACE TOWER is the optimal pantry solution. Utilising fully extendable individual pull-outs, contents are easily accessible from all three sides and into the farthest corner. This solution can also be adapted to suit bedroom wardrobe and living room cabinets.

Want to add these cabinet solutions to your kitchen on your next renovation? Don’t hesitate to contact us or fill in the enquiry form. We will get in touch with you soon.

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