Kitchen Renovations South Perth

Kitchen Renovations in South Perth

Need your kitchen renovated but don’t have the budget for a full kitchen makeover? No worries because Dream Doors Kitchens can help you make your dream kitchen a reality! Being one of the most sought after kitchen company in Australia, Dream Doors prides itself for renovating thousands of kitchens across the globe for over 14 years. Specializing in providing kitchen facelifts, Dream Doors can help you save thousands of dollars compared to installing an entirely new kitchen.

Renovation Ideas

Retain the structure, add to the rest

A cost effective solution in renovating your kitchen is to make use of what you already have, this includes kitchen units, electrical, plumbing and waste connections, whilst adding new benchtops, door fronts, drawers etc to create a new look and feel in your kitchen.

Minimal layout changes

You may wish to make minimal changes your kitchen’s current layout, such as adding a new unit, or moving the position of some of your large appliances. We can still accommodate this small changes. If you’re interested in changing the entire layout of your kitchen, we also offer full kitchen makeover services.

Selection of products to fit existing units

A simple change in cabinet doors can make a huge difference in your kitchen. Our entire range of benchtops, door fronts, handles, splash backs, and hardware such as pull-out baskets, bins, pull-out pantry unit etc can all be fitted into your existing kitchen units. Old and worn out units can be repaired or replaced.

Renovation Process

1. Discuss Ideas
The very first step in making your dream kitchen happen is to talk to us. Let us know what you want for your kitchen. Send us some questions via our enquiry form, or you can call us. You can also arrange for one of our kitchen designers to come over your home.

2. Measure-up and Samples
Once your interest has been acknowledged, we would come over and measure up your kitchen. We will also be showing you samples of various benchtops, door fronts, etc that can be customised to your liking.

3. Quote
We will then provide you a full quotation, so you can see exactly what each item costs and looks like. We like to this to show transparency to our clients. The detailed quotation can help you decide on choosing your products carefully.

4. Schedule Work
Once you are satisfied with the quote, we can schedule in when you want us to work on your kitchen. There is typically a 2-4 week lead time during which all items are made to measure for your kitchen.

5. Installation
The installation itself usually takes a day, sometimes a little more depending on the size and complexity of the work involved.

Once everything is installed, the kitchen is ready for you to use and adore!

Ready to make your dream kitchen happen?

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