Daniel and Ingrid’s Kitchen Renovation in Bankstown

YAY! Another Brand New Kitchen!

This week, we want to show you Daniel & Ingrid’s kitchen renovation in Bankstown. Daniel and Ingrid want to expand their kitchen so they can have a lot more storage space. To achieve this, they wanted to add some new cabinets on the other side of their kitchen.

They were also looking at upgrading their existing appliances and relocate them from their current location.

This required a complete change in the existing kitchen layout, and we had to design and built a brand new kitchen for them.

Knowing this is a significant project, Daniel and Ingrid didn’t want to take any risks, so they reached out to their friend asking for recommendations.

One of their friends Merry recommended us to them since they were so happy with the kitchen we created for them in East Hill. After a couple of meetings and designs, and learning our philosophy, plus the way we operate, they knew we were the right kitchen company for them.

For this project, it’s a 100% brand New Kitchen. It took us 2 days for this project in terms of the cabinetry, doors and panels, another day for the stone benchtop installation, one more day for the glass splashback installation, then half a day for the final touch-ups.

Ultimately, Daniel and Ingrid wanted to create a brand new kitchen that is stylish and contemporary. At the same time, they were also after a functional kitchen that would fit their lifestyle.

Here are her requirements:

What Did She Want to Change with her existing Kitchen:

❌ The existing kitchen was cluttered, tired and worn out

❌ There was not enough storage space

❌ The tiles splashback was too old and dated

❌ The benchtop started to peel

❌ The current location of their appliances was not functional

❌ They wanted to add more sophistication and style to their home through their kitchen

What We Did for Her Kitchen Renovation:

✅ Designed a new custom kitchen with our 3D software

✅ Removed existing kitchen doors, panels, tiles splashback and benchtop

✅ Upgraded all the doors, panels and drawer fronts with the Classic White 18mm Vinyl Doors ✨

✅ Installed new bulkheads

✅ Installed a gorgeous Clamshell stone benchtop

✅ Installed a stunning white glass splashback

✅ Replaced all the handles with modern and sleek handles

✅ Upgraded the kitchen sink and tap to add more sophistication

✅ Custom-made and installed all new cabinetries to reduce clutter and increase storage space

The Result:


The new layout of the brand new kitchen has significantly transformed Daniel & Ingrid’s kitchen space. Their kitchen is now both functional and stylish.

The sleek white vinyl doors, gorgeous stone benchtop, stunning white glass splashback, sophisticated kitchen hardware, together with the new bulkhead gave them a fresh and contemporary brand new kitchen! 🌟

Both Daniel and Ingrid were amazed by how their dream kitchen has become a reality, check out these before after video and photos:

Know anyone looking to update their kitchen? 💁‍♀️💁‍♂️Give us a call ☎️ on 1800 373 263 or click the button below and fill in the enquiry form, and we will be in touch!

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