Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Our kitchens are communal spaces for creativity and nourishment. Here are our top kitchen lighting ideas that combine style with energy saving technology to enhance the culinary experience and create an ambient space the entire family can enjoy.

Task Lights

Kitchens are versatile spaces and are used for a whole range of occasions. From hurried breakfasts, afternoon snacks with the kids or dinner with the relatives, adopting a range of lighting options is the perfect way to accommodate dynamic kitchen spaces.

Task lighting is an essential feature in every kitchen, making it easier to perform tasks in some of the most common areas of the kitchen such as the bench, sink and stove. Don’t be restrained to one central light source but consider the unique way your family uses the kitchen and add a mixture of light sources that will adjust to your specific tasks.

TIP: Accentuate a kitchen island and help ease your eyes as you read the morning paper. Opt for an LED pendant light that will focus the light in a specific direction.

TIP: Create a soft light source for late night visits to the fridge with cabinet lights that are fitted underneath shelves or counter tops to assist navigation around the kitchen. Under cabinet lights are generally fitted with LED or Compact Fluorescent Lamps.

When cooking or preparing food, avoid harsh incandescent bulbs that will cast annoying shadows and generate extra heat. Sconces, pendants or LED lights across your backsplash will complement ceiling lights when cooking. LED down lights are also ideal options for meal preparation. You’ll be grateful for cooler LED lights when you are preparing a steamy soup or hearty steak.

Downlights are also popular within all areas of the home, but they are commonly used in kitchens. They are often mounted above eating areas and counter tops and throw beams of light downwards to illuminate different surfaces evenly. Install dimmers to control the brightness of the light and to accentuate ambience.

Layering several light sources in your kitchen will cater to different needs throughout the day and create a welcoming mood in an open plan kitchen. High intensity bulbs can make a space appear sterile but adding alternate sources of lighting will help your kitchen look a lot more interesting.

Space Savers

Lampshades and lanterns take up precious floor or bench space in small kitchens but opting for ceiling or wall lighting fixtures can help illuminate the space in a functional and trendy way.

In tight corners, dark pantries or small spaces, illuminate with stylish light alternatives. Rope lights or strip lights are practical, space saving solutions in those tight, tricky kitchen spots. Adding a row of LED lights to your pantry, cabinets or narrow shelves is a stylish and practical way to brighten dark corners.

LED strip lights are a low maintenance and environmentally friendly alternative. Attach the desired size of the strip to a clean, dry wall to light your home. Some LED strip lighting even has adhesive backing to make it even more simple to install. You can also find different colours and colour changing LED strip lights to make decorating your home fun and interesting.

Pendant lights use space efficiently and accentuate a focal point in your kitchen by positioning pendants over central areas of the kitchen to organise a small space. Avoid oversized pendants in a small kitchen space but opt for pendants with petite shades or sleek edges, rather than a wide cylindrical shape to complement your space. Pendants generally require higher ceilings so consider the height of your ceiling.

Sunlight is an ideal source of ambient light that is entirely free. Save space and utilise natural light in your home by removing upper cabinets in exchange for extra window space. Upper cabinets impede incoming light and without the obstruction, natural light will bathe your kitchen space with bright and ambient light during the day.

Lighting is an instant decorative fix that can refresh your space and illuminate any room in style.

To discover and to explore our latest kitchen lighting technology, visit our kitchen lighting page

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