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Dream Doors is Australia’s preferred kitchen renovation company. And a large part of our service is our custom kitchen designs. We believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home and a well-designed kitchen which makes cooking and eating a pleasure can bring families and friends even closer together.


With access to the right software, it’s not hard to come up with a decent kitchen design. But to make a good design great, it has to start with you, the homeowner. A great kitchen design takes into account your needs, your style, and the unique properties of your home. It can’t be done from a storefront, which is why our experts come to your home to consult on the spot. We work with you to maximise your storage, improve the foot traffic flow, and create work spaces for cooking and entertaining to suit your lifestyle.


There’s a lot of do-it-yourself kitchen design content online and on the television that offers guidance on everything from advanced plumbing to colour theory. But all the tutorials in the world will never take the place of expertise. Experimentation is fun – but not at the price point of a kitchen renovation, which will not only cost you in materials and time, but in your home’s value.

If value is your concern, then that’s all the more reason to consult with the experts. We know that budget is a concern for everyone. Right from the initial consultation, our kitchen experts give you the choice between a brand-new kitchen or a kitchen face-lift. A new kitchen starts from the ground-up and is your chance to create the kitchen of your dreams. A kitchen face-lift is for when you want to update your kitchen’s look and usefulness without the expense or inconvenience of a full renovation. Our team can give you exactly what you want, at the price point that suit you.


A kitchen design flows from both form and functionality. The functionality depends on what you use your kitchen for. Is it a showcase for entertaining? A busy centre for large family meals? A place to relax and experiment with new recipes and special equipment? The form depends on what style you prefer and what look goes with the rest of your home. Sleek and minimalist, traditional and homey, or bright and modern? Our kitchen design experts have access to a range of materials and techniques to maximise your space without sacrificing the look that you want. Customised storage solutions, expanded work spaces, luxury appliances, kitchen cabinets – we can take care of it all.

Our kitchen designs are tailored to your budget and your needs. And since we handle all the contractors ourselves, we offer one-stop-shop service, without ever having to step foot in a shop.

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