Designing a Kitchen Perfect for Entertaining

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If you like to entertain, then you’ll know that for reasons out of your control, people will always gravitate to your kitchen. So it’s essential to get the design right the first time, allowing plenty of space for dinner guests or family members to sit and have a casual meal and a chat. 

Planning is essential to achieve this, so here’s everything you need to know about designing a kitchen that’s perfect for entertaining.

1. Open-plan layout

An open-plan layout is essential for your guests to freely move around your entertaining areas, including the kitchen, without bumping up against each other. It also means the host isn’t separated from friends and family and can enjoy a glass of wine and a chat while preparing the meal. An L-shaped kitchen is perfect for this type of inviting, open-plan living and is suitable for small and medium kitchens.

2. Install a kitchen island

Is there anything a kitchen island can’t do? Perfect for when you need extra space to prepare food, but bring out some stools and it also doubles as a casual dining space for guests to eat and socialise around. The best part is, most kitchens can accommodate one as long as there’s enough room.

3. Butler’s pantry

The secret to a successful dinner party is in the prep, but you’re going to need somewhere that is out of sight to add the finishing touches to your appetisers and entrees, not to mention somewhere to hide the clutter of dirty pots and pans: enter the butler’s pantry. Use it for food prep, then close the door and worry about the mess later.

4. Working triangle

Keep your fridge close and your sink closer. The working triangle, aka the imaginary line between the sink, cooktop and fridge, is a pivotal design element that will determine the functionality of your kitchen. When planning your kitchen, make sure your refrigerator, cooktop and sink are within easy reach of each other. That said, the fridge should also be easily accessed by guests without getting in the way of the host.

5. Storage

Cooking for big groups of people requires more pots, more pans, more plates and more … everything. Make sure you have space to store all of these items in your kitchen. Hint: that island bench mentioned earlier is the perfect place to add extra cabinets and drawers for storage.

6. Self-serve extras

You provide the beverages, and your guests can help themselves. Adding a wet bar and mini wine cooler fridge to your kitchen means your friends and family can look after their own refills while you focus on more critical tasks, like preparing the food. It’s a win-win.

7. Blur the lines

Positioning your kitchen next to an outdoor entertaining area is a popular design element in Australia, especially during summer. Add large bifold doors, and the instant extra space encourages the seamless flow of traffic from your kitchen to your veranda.

Planning is essential to achieve a kitchen that’s perfect for entertaining. With Dream Doors Kitchens, we can help plan and achieve your dream kitchen design. To contact us, click here.

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