How To Clean Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Good day guys! Eric here from Dream Doors Kitchens Sydney West, and today I’m doing a video on cleaning your kitchen cabinet doors. 

So, whenever we finish a job for one of our customers, one of our questions for us is always, so Eric, how do you clean? What’s involved in cleaning the doors? So today I’m gonna do a video specifically about cleaning your doors. 

But before I do, I want to have a quick chat about the doors themselves, right. So the doors which you get from us in Australia, they are all made from moisture resistant boards, okay? So, that’s the key word, moisture resistant. They are not water-proof, okay, not water-proof. Because at the end of the day, they still are veneer board, okay? 

So, what we always recommend like any spills, any food spills, food droppings, splashes, what not, clean it straight away, okay? Don’t let it sit, don’t let it bake onto your doors, ’cause if you do that, the food themselves might be acidic, and they actually leave burn marks on your doors, which then becomes, it’s not actually a cleaning issue, it’s actually damaging your doors, okay?

Look, if you spill anything, even if it’s your benchtop even, or doors, as soon as possible just, clean it off, wipe it off, okay, and follow the instructions which I’m gonna go through with you, and how to clean it, right, okay. 

So cleaning, okay it’s very, very simple, Okay, it’s very basic. What all you guys need is an.. So I’m gonna show you what you need. So what I’ve done is, I’ve found a bottle of Sriracha sauce in my kitchen cabinet, I, as you can see, blobbed a bit onto a sample board, left it for twenty minutes, while I also went and grabbed a coffee. 

Came back and I’m gonna clean this in front of you guys. Okay, so, in preparation for cleaning, what’s involved? So literally, I’ve got here a bowl, I’m gonna put a few drops of detergent, washing detergent into it like so, okay. Put some warm water right here, got some warm water here, I’m just gonna pour it in like so, and that becomes warm, soapy water. Yes, surprise. That now becomes warm, soapy water. 

Right, and then all you need is a soft cloth. Like something like this, okay. What I’m gonna do, I’m just gonna damp it, damp the cloth in this warm, soapy water like so. So make sure it’s damp, not like saturated and soaking. Make sure it is damp. Like what I’ve done, 

I’m gonna grab my board. My Sriracha board okay and wipe it. That’s it guys. I’m just gonna wipe it. See, like that, simple. That’s all it is. Like that, wipe it down, voila! Yuck, clean. 

Okay, like I said, I’m going to do it one more time. Sorry for the break, I’ve just received a phone call just then that kinda broke my video. Yes, I am recording on my iPhone. Which just makes life a lot easy then difficult, especially when I get phone calls.

Okay, so I’m going to do it one more time, again. Like I said, clean cloth, got my door here, and I’m gonna soak it into the warm, soapy water. I’m gonna squeeze it, so it becomes damp, and give another wipe, like so. Notice I’m cleaning in a circular motion. And that’s it. I’m gonna go to a dry section of the cloth, give it another wipe down, and, voila. And you’re done, see, simple, okay. 

Look there are other things for really stubborn stains. You can use a good quality, streak-free, window cleaner, or sorry, glass cleaner. But always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Also, spray it on the cloth, rather than the board itself. Wipe it down that way.

For really, really stubborn stains, you can try using methylated spirits. Okay, but when you do that, don’t rub too hard. If you rub really, really, hard for a long time, you actually might shine up your doors, or mostly damage your doors. So, methyl spirits onto a soft towel. First, don’t do it on the surface of the doors. Don’t drench the cloth in methyl spirit, just damp it in methyl spirit and wipe the doors. Look, ideally, test it on an area of the door where you can’t see. So if you do notice any damage stop straight away, okay. But, methyl spirit, should be okay. 

So, in summary, you need to have warm soapy water, okay. A good quality streak-free glass cleaner and methylated spirits okay. So, that’s pretty much it guys in cleaning your doors, which I’ve done in front of you. 

Another thing I want to add in this video is what not to do, okay, all right.

  1. So a few things not to do when cleaning a door, because you might actually damage those doors is one, don’t use any commercial cleaning products okay? Don’t do that. 
  2. Two, don’t use any abrasive cleaning products. That will really bug up your doors, so please do not do that. 
  3. Three, do use any scouring pads, or yeah, any really rough like sandpaper-ish or any really rough pads. Like scouring pads, for example. That would definitely scratch your doors, so don’t do that. 
  4. Any acids, any cleaners which is any acids or alcohol in it. Don’t use those. 
  5. Another thing is, look any cleaners which have solvents, or thinners in it, don’t use turps to clean your doors, okay. 
  6. No bleach, no acetone, okay. Because they are very, very harsh and it will damage your doors so do not use them, okay? 

Guys I hope that has been helpful for you guys in showing you guys how to clean your doors. Look it’s kind of lunchtime right now. That sriracha is actually making me hungry. I’ll probably go down and grab some pho. I love pho, it’s the best. I’ll catch you on our next video. 

If you like this video, click the like button below and leave a comment below, as well, anything you want to share, any questions you may want to ask, leave some comments below and if you want to follow my videos, just hit the subscribe button. That would be fantastic. 

Guy adios, I’ll see you on the next video or at your next home consultation. Look again, if you guys are looking for a kitchen makeover company and you are located in Sydney West like Bankstown, Guilford, Granville, Merrylands, Panania, Newington etc I’m just naming a few, jump on our website and hopefully you’ll get me. All right?

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