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A Dream Doors Kitchens Facelift
Gives You Your…

Dream Kitchen In Just 3 Days, for Around Half the Price of a New Bespoke Kitchen

A Dream Doors Kitchens Facelift Gives You Your…

Dream Kitchen In Just 3 Days, for Around Half the Price of a New Bespoke Kitchen




With Dream Doors, You Enjoy a Kitchen Facelift that is…

Installed in Just 3 Days*


No DIY hassles and headaches

Up to 50% Savings (compared to a bespoke kitchen)

A Faster, More Affordable Way to
Get A Beautiful New Kitchen

However, they also have valid concerns about the…

Are you feeling frustrated (perhaps even a little embarrassed) about your tired, old kitchen – wishing for a more modern design with extra storage and luxurious options such as soft-close drawers?

Many home owners dream of getting a stylish new kitchen but hesitate when they discover a bespoke kitchen can cost $20,000-$40,000 or more (ouch!).

This may be why so many people consider cheap flatpack or modular kit kitchens (especially with all the ‘easy advice’ on TV shows and YouTube).

Quality of flatpack kitchens (and potential problems including chipping and flaking on doors, warping and cracking in benchtops, and clunky drawers that don’t close properly)

Inflexibility of cabinet sizes (that force you to compromise on design and storage space)

Hidden costs (including door handles, hinges and cutouts in benchtops that are often not included in your kit but can add hundreds of dollars to the cost)

DIY Dramas that cause delays, budget blowouts and even personal injuries (or extra costs, inconvenience and eventually dependency on soul-less tradespeople that would take advantage over your situation)

Warranty issues (suppliers pointing the finger on installation for faults and damages, refusing to honour warranties and ultimately costing more money and time)

How Dream Doors Kitchens Helps You Get a
High-Quality Kitchen for Half the Price

(And Without the Hassles and Risks of DIY)

Since 1999, Dream Doors Kitchens has transformed more than 140,000 kitchens through our proven facelift process.

In most cases, we can help you save thousands — usually around 50% off the price of a custom kitchen. That means more money to spend on accessories and appliances (like that spanking new oven & cooktop you’ve been dreaming of, new flooring to match your dream kitchen, more budget for your bathroom upgrade… or even that cruise you’ve been dreaming about!).

And unlike traditional kitchen renovations that leave you living in a construction zone for 10-20 days or more, your Dream Doors Kitchens Facelift can usually be completed in just 3 days. That’s right — you can be enjoying your new Dream Doors kitchen in less than a week.

Dream Doors Kitchens’ Unique Process

A Dream Doors Kitchen Facelift involves replacing your cupboard doors, benchtops, splashback, handles and appliances, giving your kitchen a ‘new look’ at around half the price of a custom kitchen, fully completed in just 3 days.

Our philosophy is simple: If your kitchen cabinets (the unseen structural parts) are in good condition, we don’t think you should waste time and money replacing them. You’ll save thousands with…

No full strip out costs

No new cabinet costs

No flooring repair costs

Naturally, a trained Dream Doors Kitchens consultant will assess your cabinets to ensure they are in sound condition. If any are overly worn, we can arrange to replace them as part of your kitchen facelift.

A Brand New Look for Half the Cost
And a Fraction of the Time

What would you like to upgrade?

Kitchen Doors & Panels:

We offer melamine, thermolaminate and polyurethane kitchen doors to fit your style and budget


Want to convert Doors to Drawers? need extra storage? free up cluuter? We can design & build new cabinets to suit your storage needs.


From modern to hampton, from French Provincial to rustic, you will find the perfect handle to give your kitchen the ultimate finishing touch


Laminate or stone, you will find something that match your design and price point perfectly


Glass, aluminium or tile to create the perfect look for your kitchen

Storage Solution:

Whether you are after hidden bins, cutlery trays, lazy susan or inner drawers for your pantry, we have a full range of storage solutions to make your kitchen stylish and practical

With hundreds of different colours and finishes in our door, benchtop and splashback range, and unlimited custom designs, we can match your kitchen perfectly with the rest of your home and your personal style preferences…

All for around half the price of a traditional bespoke kitchen, and ready to enjoy in less than a week.

Our consultants can show you current samples and help you with expert styling and design advice.

What Others Say

Here’s a small sample of what customers say about their new kitchen and their experience with Dream Doors…


“Thank you Alan, Gerry and all the team for the wonderful professional job that has been done for us. We would certainly have no hesitation in recommending your service!”


Kenmore, QLD


“We wanted to say thank you for a great job and service. David and I are very happy with our lovely kitchen facelift. We will most certainly recommend you.”

David & Cynthia

Dawesville, WA


“We are more than satisfied with our new kitchen.

Brett gave us professional and friendly advice on how to set it up and ensured it was finished in time and to our satisfaction.

The workmanship by Brad the installer cannot be faltered.

We would recommend this company to anyone who who needs to update their kitchen.”

John F

East Burwood, VIC


“We are very happy indeed with the job, thank you very much! We already have a neighbour who is going to come and have a look at what you guys have done for us so hopefully that may turn into another order.


Thanks again!”

Chris and Sarah

Ashfield, NSW


“The kitchen is working much better and that was because of your suggestions and I would never come up with those suggestions. I am just over the moon, I’m absolutely delighted with the outcome.

Thanks to dream doors we’ve got a product that we’re very very happy with!”


Adelaide, SA


“Five stars!! Scott and his team were very professional and a delight to have in our home. I would and will recommend to anyone needing their specialties.”


Beecroft, NSW


“Very satisfied with the whole process. Efficient, courteous and friendly from Ross who organised it all to Stuart who did the work of installing. Many thanks.”

Richard D

Winston Hills, NSW


“I would highly recommend Dream Doors. They were helpful professional and I even got wine because it was my birthday!  I love the finished product, nothing was ever too much for them. I found them honest professional and will defiantly being using them again.”


Bellbowrie, QLD


“We are very happy with the new look of our Dream Doors kitchen. Our upgrade has given our kitchen a very modern look, the team working on the job were very good and kept us informed of what was happening. Quality materials were used throughout.”

Margaret D

Mitchell Park, SA

Free Expert Advice for Your Kitchen Makeover

The quickest and easiest way to get ideas for your new kitchen is to have a Free Kitchen Assessment and Design Consultation in YOUR home with one of our experienced kitchen designers during which…

You’ll get instant feedback of the structural integrity of your kitchen’s foundations (what you can keep and what may need to be replaced)

You’ll explore the latest styles, designs and products you may like to include in your new kitchen. After [number] years in the kitchen industry we have a vast network of the very best suppliers and can give you access to a huge range of products at unbeatable prices.

You’ll receive expert advice from an experienced kitchen specialist who can help you make design and product choices that give you the kitchen you’ve always dreamed about. (Important: We’ll not only answer your questions, we’ll give you the critical information you don’t yet know you need to ask about. We’ll guide you just as we would guide our closest friend or family member)

You’ll get an overview of everything that’s involved in a kitchen facelift (including an exact timeline)

And you’ll explore how the team at Dream Doors Kitchens can help you get the kitchen of your dreams (and get a firm, no-surprises price)

Please be assured, this will not be a thinly disguised sales presentation. We will share our best tips and advice, specific to your situation.

If you like our ideas, you may like to join the many thousands of Dream Doors Kitchens clients we have helped with a kitchen facelift.

Alternatively, you can take the valuable information we give you and use another method of kitchen renovation. Either way, you have nothing to lose.

Ready for an Amazing Kitchen Facelift?

Don’t put up with your tired old kitchen for another day.

Book a Free Kitchen Assessment and Design Consultation at your home and get a stunning kitchen facelift for around half the price of a bespoke kitchen, installed in just 3 days*, without any of the risks and compromises of a flatpack or modular kitchen.

Still Thinking About DIY Flatpack?
Consider These Important Points

With the proliferation of home-improvement shows, and the production of mass-market do-it-yourself flat pack kits, it’s easy to assume that putting together a new kitchen is quick and easy. Simply assemble a few cabinets, tighten a few screws, stick on a countertop and Bob’s your uncle.

But TV and YouTube clips don’t show you all the hard work and expertise that goes into even the most simple kitchen renovation. And they don’t show you the cost of mistakes. Even the smallest detail can make the difference between a kitchen you’ll love for years… and a DIY disaster you have to pay a professional to try to fix.

Not all flatpack kitchen renovations end in disaster. But there are some ‘traps’ and hidden costs that frustrates many DIY home owners. Here are just some of the things to keep in mind…


Be sure to check what is included (and not included) in your flatpack kit. Door handles, hinges and fixings are rarely included and can add hundreds of dollars to the overall price.

With your DDK facelift, all inclusions are stated clearly, fixed price. No surprises – guaranteed.


Moving the structural components of your kitchen may require help from a qualified tradesperson such as a plumber or electrician. If you are wanting to change your kitchen layout, you may also need tilers, plasters & gyprockers. Do you have the time and mental clartity to find,negotiate, coordinate, manage and trust all these people on top of your already hectic life?

When you choose a DDK facelift, we give you access to our trusted network of tradespeople. And we manage the whole process for you so you can relax knowing everything will be done right, first time.


Installing a kitchen requires specialised tools and equipment. If you don’t own these things, you will need to either buy or hire them at a cost of hundreds / thousands of dollars.

DDK has all the specialised equipment to complete your kitchen renovation quickly, accurately and safely.

Personal Injury

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 3,318 people were hospitalised in 2013-2014 due to a DIY injury. The most common type of injury is to the wrist or hand and involves a power tool (21% resulting in partial or complete amputation of a finger).

Naturally, people think this won’t happen to them. But the statistics say otherwise. And the consequences range from time off work (sometimes months), to permanent disability, and even death.

When you choose DDK, you can take a step back (with no risk of injuring yourself or being off-work) knowing your kitchen facelift will be done for you by experienced professionals.


Like most things you do for the first time, installing a DIY flatpack kitchen will NOT be straight forward. It will take a lot longer than what you would expect. Sadly, many DIY home owners see how easy it looks on TV and think they can install their kitchen in a weekend. Months later, many overestimated their ability and are still living with an incomplete kitchen, struggling to finish the job and unintentionally burdening thier relationships at home.

With DDK, you will be enjoying your new kitchen in less than a week* – guaranteed.

Costly Mistakes

DIY projects rarely go exactly according to plan. Unexpected problems can blow your budget and put your project behind schedule. When mistakes occur, they often have wider consequences (e.g. a cabinet that is not accurately levelled can lead to a cracked benchtop which may cost thousands to replace).

You can relax knowing DDK has a proven process and [number] years of experience to ensure your kitchen facelift runs to budget and to time.


Most flatpack kitchens come with a reasonable warranty against manufacturing faults. But claim disputes often arise due to the difficulty in proving the problem is not a result of an installation error. This can leave you with an inoperable kitchen while you negotiate with the manufacturer.

DDK is simple and comprehensive. It covers all aspects of your kitchen facelift for a full 10 years. Over the past [number] years and [number] facelifts, we have had less than [number] warranty recalls. In the rare event that you strike a problem, one phone call is all it will take to get it fixed.

Here is a Small Sample of Our

Kitchen Facelifts Throughout Australia

Free Expert Advice for Your Kitchen Makeover

You now know how a Dream Doors Kitchens Facelift can give you your stunning dream kitchen, in just 3 days, for around half the price of a traditional kitchen renovation…

You’ve discovered some of the challenges of other renovation options including the…


High cost of custom kitchens


Varied quality in lack of flexibility of flatpack and modular kitchens


Hidden costs and risks of DIY…

And you’ve read about the positive experiences other people have had with Dream Doors Kitchens and how much they love their new kitchen.

Your next step is to book a Free Kitchen Assessment and Design Consultation and get expert advice specific to your kitchen.

And see how you can get a stunning new kitchen for around half the price of a custom kitchen, installed in just 3 days, without any of the risks and compromises of flatpack or modular kits.

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