Here's How Hidden Cabinet Hacks Dramatically Increased My Kitchen Storage

by Rachel Jacks

Here are some hidden kitchen cabinet hacks that could maximise your storage in no time!

Pull-out Garbage and Recycling Bins

There was no good spot for our garbage and recycling in our kitchen when we moved in. There wasn’t really room under the sink, and there wasn’t a spot for freestanding bins that wasn’t in the way of other stuff. So we decided to install pull-out bins in a cabinet, and they were the perfect solution. They keep our garbage and recycling easy to access, but out of the way. A tiny tip: If you have an extra inch or two, put a container of baking soda near the wall behind the bins to absorb odours.

Sink tip-out tray

Many older kitchens (and bathrooms) have fake drawer panels in front of the sink. There isn’t room for a whole drawer because of the sink bowl, but you can often fit a tip-out tray. It’s perfect for corralling sponges and scrubbers that might otherwise clutter up your countertop.

Vertical Pan Storage

Storing baking pans and sheets vertically versus stacking them is like the difference between filing and piling paper. They’re so much easier to access when stored vertically, so if you have a lot of baking pans, I highly recommend this hack!

Pull-out Drawers

If you have low, deep shelves, getting things from the back may be difficult. You could put items only in the front, where they’re easy to reach, but then you’re giving up space that you may need. The best solution is pull-out drawers.

Drawer Organisers

Drawer organisers might seem like an obvious kitchen solution, but if you have non-standard drawers or utensils, it might not be possible to buy an off-the-shelf version. I built my own out of wood and glue, and while I may modify them slightly for a snugger fit for the smallest spoons, they’ve been a much better solution than any I could buy.

Custom Spice Shelves

If you cook often, you’ve probably accumulated a lot of different herbs and spices. Having a spice rack to organise them is a huge help, but you might not think you have the space. There are many ways to fit a spice rack in spots you might not have considered, though. There are pre-made and DIY door-mounted spice shelves you might be able to fit in your cabinets, and you can get really creative with magnetic containers and standing racks that fit in narrow niches.

Under-Cabinet Toe-Kick Drawers

I have to admit that in my case, adding this under-cabinet drawer was more for novelty than anything else. There was already an opening under one of my cabinets where there used to be ductwork and a heating register, so I converted it to a secret drawer, complete with push-to-open drawer slides and toe-kick trim on the front. It’s invisible if you don’t know it’s there, so it’s perfect for secret storage.

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