How to Find Reliable Tradesmen for Your Kitchen Reno?

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Finding your own electrician or plumber can be a bit daunting especially for the inexperienced, but it’s definitely worthwhile to save yourself a few dollars.

What I’ll do or what I’ll recommend is jump on to something called H-I pages or Hipages where you’ll be able to post a job and be contacted by three qualified professionals to give you a call, to understand what you want and quote accordingly. You can also read reviews on Hipages on these professionals just to get a good feel about them. Another source that I’ll try is probably your local newspaper. Typically, there’s a classified section in there where your local trade will advertise. It is a bit of a hit and miss, but it’s definitely worth a shot.

When dealing with prospective trades, there are 5 things that I suggest doing.

Number 1, always ask to see their license. This is something which I highly recommend. I do not suggest using anyone who is unlicensed especially plumbing and to a trade.

Number 2, always ask for copies of the insurances. These need to be valid at the time and during your installation. The insurance which you want is called property liability and this insurance covers third-party injury and property damage caused by your contractor.

The third tip I’ll give is feel free to shop around, but limit yourself to only 3 to 4 quote. Anything more, you risk delaying your kitchen installer and that’s something no one wants. Whilst talking to the tradesman, use this opportunity to ask for the extra things which you need. [inaudible] PowerPoint, new PowerPoint. It is this time which you can get your best price, not at the time of the installation.

For number 4, your kitchen installer would have given you the date of your kitchen install, so always check with your trade that they’re available on this date. There’s no point in negotiating the price with them when they won’t be available on the day of the kitchen install.

Number 5, when you meet with the tradesmen, observe how they dressed, the state their vehicle is in, how punctual they are, and how quickly they responded to emails and phone calls.

From this you should be able to gauge their character and feel how dependable are.

Alright guys that’s my top 5 tips on how to find good plumber and good electrician. Good luck with it. At the end of the day, if you really are struggling, do not hesitate to call your kitchen installer. They will definitely be able to help you out. See you guys.


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