Buying a New Kitchen

Typically the kitchen units and bench-tops have a big impact on how your new kitchen will look. A simple place to start is to choose the door designs and bench-tops that you like.  Don’t worry for now about the number of units, or measuring up: a professional can come and do that later.  Also, in our experience, it can be useful to choose the more detailed items such as handles, hinges, splash-backs, kick plates etc, from samples we can bring to you rather than trying to guess what they look like from pictures.

Notes and Sketches

If you find it easy to sketch a kitchen design, then draw a picture of the layout you envisage for the new kitchen.  If you aren’t so good at sketching, don’t worry, it can be just as useful to list the features and functionality you require. e.g. I want a double oven, a large double sink, and built in microwave etc, and leave it to us to do the sketching.  We have a professional 3D CAD package we can use to draw up a kitchen design.

If you like browsing through images in magazines, or can photograph a friends kitchen design that you like, or are adept at browsing through images on Google, it can also be useful to create a mini scrap book of pictures of things that you like, and even things you don’t like.

We’re here to help

When you feel ready, give us a call.  We will be keen to listen carefully to your thoughts, and then add to that our knowledge and experience so that you both get the kitchen that you want, and that it technically well designs, and lasts for a really long time.

Its quite useful for us to come and visit, because we can both use that visit to measure up, and show you various samples of doors and bench-tops, as well as discuss other items such as appliances etc.  We can often produce and estimate whilst we are with you, which can be useful in terms of including items or not based on their cost.


Once you are happy with the estimate we can print you a formal quotation, so you can decide whether you wish to proceed.


There is typically a few weeks between you ordering, and everything being manufactured.  Once everything is ready we will come to site and do the installation.  We can also let you know if other trades people need to be called such as electricians, plumbers, gas engineers etc.  We are usually very quick and efficient at installing, typically having most things done in 1-2 days, so there is less disruption than you might imagine.  Of course, very complex, large kitchens, can take a day or two more.


All the products we supply come with a 10 years manufacturers warranty, and because we only use established, proven products, its very re-assuring that those companies stand behind their products.


So, in summary, make some notes, and sketches.  If you enjoy doing such things, make a scrapbook too, and then make contact using the enquiry form on the right, or just give us a call.

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