Blum's Solution for Narrow Cabinets

Need a solution to make use of small kitchen storage? No worries because Blum Technologies has it for you with their Blum Narrow Cabinets!


Practical Solution

Blum’s idea for narrow cabinets offers a simple solution for making use of even the smallest storage space in the kitchen, without compromising the stability and quality of motion. Depending on requirements, this solution can be based on BOX systems or wooden drawers with the appropriate runner systems.

Blum’s ideas for practical kitchens

A kitchen has to be fit for everyday use and should not only look good but be practical too. Blum has been researching the requirements of kitchen users for many years. This has provided insights for Blum to continue to innovate with quality product solutions to make modern kitchens highly practical. With dynamic space, Bluem aims to inspire its customers and partners by sharing valuable insights.

Space – Gain valuable storage space without changing the size of the room

Kitchen furniture should have enough storage space and be easily accessible. When there’s a lack of space, practical solutions help ensure available space is used to its fullest potential. Gain additional space by using pull-outs with closed side panels or deeper drawers. Blum cabinet solutions for corners or the sink area also create additional usable space.

Workflow – Simple workflows, easy access

A practical interior with well-thought-out solutions ensures workflows are smooth and ergonomic. Easy access is assured through full extension runners and the inclusion of ORGA-LINE inner dividing system.



Motion – Superior qualify of motion and enhanced user convenience

Quality of motion is the driving force behind the entire development and manufacturing process of our products. The result: Function that fascinates furniture users worldwide and guarantees high-quality motion for the lifetime of the furniture.

Interested in getting a narrow cabinet for your kitchen? Don’t hesitate to contact us or fill in the enquiry form. We will get in touch with you soon.

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