5 advantages of investing in a franchise with DDK

If you’re thinking about starting your own business, you might be looking at the benefits of investing in a franchise versus starting an independent business, or wondering what is the best franchise to buy in Australia. There are plenty of benefits of buying a franchise. You’ll usually be up and running and generating a return […]

Design a kitchen perfect for your next party

Whether it be a dinner party, a house party, or even just a few drinks with friends, when you entertain a group of people in your home, you are almost always centred around the kitchen. That’s why it’s important to optimise the design of your kitchen when looking to renovate – making sure the space […]

How to modernise your kitchen

As the years go by, your kitchen gets further and further from its prime. At the heart of your home and the most used room, you want your kitchen to be a place you feel comfortable and happy to be in every day. So, if all you can see are flaws every time you need […]

How to maximise your kitchen storage

Life is busy, and when you’re constantly on the go things can start to fall through the cracks – like keeping your kitchen organised. Maybe your cupboards and drawers are exploding with pots and pans, or you’ve long forgotten what condiments are hiding way back in the darkest corner of your pantry. Never fear! With […]

How much value does a new kitchen add to your home?

Selling your home is a massive task. There’s the cleaning of spaces that haven’t seen the light of day in years, the sorting through of drawers full of stuff you don’t even remember buying, and of course there’s the question of the actual value of your home. This is the time to consider what improvements […]

What is a kitchen facelift?

Do you want to give your kitchen a fresh new look, but don’t want to take it out of action with a lengthy remodelling? At Dream Doors Kitchens, we wanted to find a way to get our clients into their brand new kitchens faster, and without needing to rip out and replace their old kitchen. […]

Top kitchen trends coming in 2022

While the way we live and use our spaces has changed significantly over the past couple of years, there’s one thing that has absolutely remained the same: the kitchen is the hub of the home. A great kitchen not only adds significant value to your home, but increases liveability, and is a central place to […]

Where to start with kitchen renovations?

Dreaming of a kitchen facelift? The kitchen is the heart of the home, and a kitchen renovation can give you an incredible space to cook up a storm, and entertain family and friends. It can also make family mealtimes less stressful, as well as adding value to your home. But did you know that to […]

What Does Your Kitchen Say About You?

The kitchen is the heart of most modern homes. It’s the engine room of every party, cook-off and lazy Sunday. It’s not just where the food and wine is — the kitchen is the central hub that runs a family. It’s usually the single most important room in a house and it says a lot […]

4 Elements of a Modern Family Kitchen

With the homeowners’ third baby on the way, Toronto designer Sam Sacks had six months to update an ’80s kitchen. In addition to increasing the square-footage and bringing it into the modern era, they needed lots of storage, plus room for hosting laid-back dinner parties. “The owners are both creatives, and they were willing to have […]