8 Ways Your Life Will Improve After a Kitchen Renovation

Homeownership definitely has its perks. When you own a home, you have a space that you get to make all your own. There’s no landlord to tell you what you can and can’t do, and you’ve got total creative latitude to design a space that perfectly suits your needs. Investing in a kitchen renovation gives you the opportunity to show off your personality and update any elements that don’t feel quite like home. Tired of the same old anecdotes about kitchen refreshes? Here are some unique takes on how a kitchen renovation will truly improve your life.

You’ll invite guests over more often to show off your space. Prepare to become an amazing host(ess) and cook!


You’ll feel encouraged to keep things clean. A beautiful kitchen looks even better when it’s spotless.

You’ll enjoy the space more and find yourself spending more time there, thereby getting more use out of the room.


You’ll integrate healthier snacks into your meal planning, and find yourself wanting to cook more in your gorgeous kitchen. In a recent Houzz study, a third of homeowners reported leading healthier lifestyles after their kitchen renovation. They cook more meals at home (41%), order less takeout (34%) and eat more fruits and vegetables (26%).

Your home will truly feel like your own (especially if you’ve purchased a fixer-upper or an older home where the style didn’t exactly suit your taste).


You’ll have a sense of accomplishment that propels you into your next project (goodbye intimidation, hello confidence).


Everything will be more organized, and you’ll be more efficient because you got to pick where everything lives. No more digging around and wasting time looking for the tea diffuser.


You’ll get a better price for your home when you decide to sell it. Potential buyers will see the effort you put in and be willing to pay a premium.


Because there are options available for every budget, investing in a kitchen renovation is an attainable way to improve your enjoyment of your home. Want to know what kitchen elements are most popular to update? According to the Houzz study mentioned above, some of the most popular updates to make are adding new countertops, converting to a farmhouse kitchen or updating your cabinets (a simple, budget-friendly process). Whatever you choose to update, adding technology to your kitchen is always wise. Incorporate innovation into your kitchen by adding a faucet with Touch2O Technology, SpotShield or ShieldSpray. You’ll make all sink-related tasks more enjoyable and less messy, and create a beautifully designed centerpiece for your new kitchen.

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