6 Ways To Make Your Kitchen More Instagrammable

by Lisa Walden


From morning coffees to evening dinners, the kitchen is the hub of the home. It’s a place where cooking ideas come to life, conversations happen and meals are enjoyed. If you’re looking for the key elements to give your space an Instagram-worthy feel, then this is the right place.

There are many ways you can elevate your kitchen space, whatever your budget or room size. From sleek lighting solutions to potted plants, bold cabinetry and flooring, these are the ways you can give your kitchen a smart upgrade. And it’s sure to get you all of those likes…

1. Metallic accents

Metallic features in the kitchen help to create a remarkably grown-up look. From cabinet handles to taps, and even appliances, there’s nothing like the warmth of copper and metallic hues.

‘Manufacturers are being a lot more adventurous with their designs these days and a built-in oven, for example, doesn’t have to be a glazed black box any more. There’s obviously still strong demand for these, but eye-catching metallic accents, for example, offer something different from the norm,’ Maurizio Severgnini.

2. Open shelving

If you’re stuck for storage space in your kitchen, open shelving is a brilliant way to provide a place for additional pots and pans to live — while also looking incredibly chic too.

‘If you want to recreate the Instagram look in your home, opt for open shelving as opposed to wall cabinets – it looks very sophisticated especially in contemporary settings,’ Sally Hinks, kitchen designer.

3. Statement colours

Create a statement in your kitchen with bold, vibrant hues. Whether you opt for midnight-sky blue or daringly dark olive green, statement kitchen cabinets are simple ways to create an Instagram-worthy look. Use pared-back, neutral tiles, such as whites and creams, to balance out a daring colour palette.

‘Darker images tend to be noticed more on Instagram so a darker, richer colour such as blue to anthracite can make your kitchen look more striking,’ Doug Haswell.

4. Hanging pendant lights

Statement lighting, such as this brass style, adds sophistication to your kitchen scheme. When it comes to lighting, keep things understated yet also grown-up. As you meal prep, cook, converse with friends over coffee or help children with homework, you’ll need somewhere that feels bright and airy. To give your room that added punch of style, choose fixtures that will stand out on your Instagram feed — and watch those likes roll in.

The experts also weigh in on the importance of good lighting: ‘Hanging pendant lights above an island is a popular trend that is set to continue and is a great way to create a statement in your kitchen,’ Marketa Rypacek.

‘Industrial-style pendant lights are ideal for this as they suit any era and style of home, providing a modern-rustic update. Not only are pendant lights attractive, they also provide functionality for tasks such as reading recipes and food preparation.’

5. Light flooring

A new kitchen is likely to be one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your home, so you want to ensure you get it right. When it comes to kitchen flooring, opt for a style that will help to exude light, while also being practical for busy family life.

David Snazel, flooring buyer tells: ‘If the room is on the smaller side, lighter floors will help open a space and create the perfect base to build upon with trending accessories. Open plan layouts are growing in popularity and selecting a contemporary style floor that can flow through all areas, connects the zones and creates the illusion of a larger space.’

Remember, kitchen flooring is bound to get dirty. Kitchens are becoming more and more sociable, and as they do, you may notice more marks than before (even more so with children around!) Choose carefully, and choose practical.

6. Plenty of plants

Inject foliage and verdant green plants into your kitchen with a selection of potted and hanging styles. Or, for the not-so-green-fingered, opt for artificial styles. Whatever you choose, both will bring the beauty of nature indoors — and create a highly Instagrammable room.

‘Botanicals will breathe life into any room and are proving to be one of the biggest home accessories and wellness trends on Instagram. In a minimalist scheme, it’s the more plants the merrier, and combining planters in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials ensure your look remains on trend and interesting to the eye,’ explains Pip Prinsloo.

We all want a beautiful kitchen, an instagrammable kitchen. So if you’re going to give your cooking space some upgrade, you can surely count on us. We can help you create a welcoming space packed with style. To contact Dream Doors Kitchens, click here.

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