New Kitchens - 5 Things to Remember When Designing

There are a few things that it is useful for you to think about when designing a new kitchen.   The Dream Doors team can apply its experience and knowledge to help make the process simple and stress free.  At any time you can send an enquiry in via this web site, or just give us a call to discuss anything that you need help with.

1) Functional Design – The Magic Triangle

If you are sketching up ideas for a new kitchen design, its useful to think of the “magic triangle”.  Working in a kitchen, people tend to move between the cooker, the fridge and the sink.  Its conventional wisdom to put these within easy reach of each other.  Of course, your design doesn’t have to be like this, but if you are going to break from convention then its good to have a reason why.

Once you have drawn the layout of the kitchen, its worth thinking where the secondary items will be located.  If you have designed around a magic triangle, then try to place the following items as near as possible to the points of the triangle:  waste bin; dishwasher; storage solutions; appliances etc.

There are of course many more functional things to consider, but often it is best to get the position of these key things right, and leave the details to a professional kitchen designer.

2) Kitchen Benchtops

The kitchen benchtops are both a key functional item, and of course have a major impact on the appearance of a kitchen.  There are many different materials to consider including Roxx Engineered Stone, Granite, Stainless Steel, Solid Wood, Formica, etc

Engineered stone is a very interesting option because it has the appearance of natural granite and in many regards it has superior performance.  It is actually made from ground stone and a polymer resin mix.  It looks and feels just like natural stone.  The advantage of modern engineered stone, is that it has the same or greater durability, lower absorption of staining liquids, and can better tolerate hot items, compared to traditional stones surfaces such as Granite or Marble.

In industrial or semi-industrial kitchens such as motels, stainless steel has considerable advantages because of the ease of cleaning to ensure all surfaces are hygienic.  However, unlike engineered and natural stone it is not aesthetically as appealing.

3) Kitchen Doors and Drawers

Once you have decided on the functional design, and the benchtops, its important to think about the door fronts, and drawers.  Its often a good idea to ask the kitchen designer to bring along some samples so you can see these first hand.  You may like to choose a few that most interest you by using our kitchen door chooser on this website.

As with the benchtops, there are multiple different materials and colours to consider.  The materials both have different appearances, e.g. gloss or matt, but also have different durability characteristics.

4) Kitchen Storage

There is typically a few weeks between you ordering, and everything being manufactured.  Once everything is ready we will come to site and do the installation.  We can also let you know if other trades people need to be called such as electricians, plumbers, gas engineers etc.  We are usually very quick and efficient at installing, typically having most things done in 1-2 days, so there is less disruption than you might imagine.  Of course, very complex, large kitchens, can take a day or two more.

5) Kitchen Appliances

Its useful to make a list of the kitchen appliances that you are interested in and, of course, we can make recommendations.  We are not tied to any particular manufacturer so you can choose whatever brand you like.  There are some new kitchen appliances that you might not be familiar with, such as: steam ovens, in-built coffee machines which grind and brew fresh coffee, tepan dishes that can be fitted into a kitchen surface, etc, etc.  Our kitchen designers can bring a catalogue of appliances, you are also welcome to source appliances yourself.  We do have great prices, because of the volumes we tend to purchase.

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