5 Things That Make Your Kitchen Messy

Kitchen Renovation

It can get you down if every time you walk into your kitchen it looks untidy and full of clutter. However things may not be as bad as you think. Here are a few simple practices you can put in place to ensure your kitchen always looks tidy.

1. Letting dishes pile up in the sink

This looks unsightly and makes the dishes, pots and pans harder to clean later, as food will dry and harden. Soak pots and pans immediately and always pack the dishwasher, clean up and wipe down surfaces after a meal.

2. Using your fridge as a bulletin board

A simple, tidy art gallery can look lovely if you keep items rotating regularly, however, when papers pile up with artworks, invitations and shopping lists, it just looks messy (and doesn’t help your home organisation either!).

3. A place for everything

Make a designated space for your appliances that you use every day. Clean and return the item there each time you use it. Other appliances used less often should be stored away in a drawer, cupboard or pantry.

4. Untidy shelves

If you have open shelving, organise like with like items and stack neatly on your shelves. Only display items that are used regularly. Display pretty jugs, bowls or vases in small vignettes to complement your daily-use pieces.

5. Using your kitchen as a multi-purpose space

Designate separate areas for activities other than the preparation and eating of food. School books, sewing projects, kids’ craft and bill-paying need their own spaces and storage.

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