5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Glass Splashbacks

by Jen Thames

A kitchen is the most important room in your house. You can live without a bedroom (hint: couch) but there is no way you would live in a house without a kitchen. Just like any other room and space in your house, kitchens need decoration too. The good thing about decorative work in the kitchen is that it is functional too. And when it comes to functional decoration, there is nothing more important than a splashback. It is the area behind your kitchen counter. Today, you will learn the many benefits of considering glass splashbacks over other materials such as tiles, timber, mosaic, etc.

1. The Looks

The functionality of splashbacks matters without a doubt. However, one of the reasons to install splashbacks is to make your kitchen look trendy and stylish. No other material can achieve those two goals as simply as glass does. Your options with glass splashbacks are only as limited as your imagination. People like to use contrasting colours behind them to create a striking look. The colours that give out the best results are bright red, lime, blue, and purple. Add some lighting underneath your cabinets and transform your cooking space into a kitchen from the future.

2. Convenient Installation

One of the things that bother homeowners is the time it takes for splashback installations. You can’t cook in someone else’s kitchen during all this time. Mosaic and tiles can take a lot of time to install. On the other hand, installing glass in your kitchen is comparatively much easier. The only challenge for installers is cutting the glass exactly according to the measurements. Once they have achieved that, installation is a matter of minutes. Technicians can install them using a strong glue or screws.

3. Easy Cleaning

Of course, one of the biggest concerns in the kitchen is the elements. Anything that resides close to the stove is going to turn brown in a few days. The grease is more stubborn than you might imagine once it sticks to a surface. A glass surface is as flat as you can imagine. When it comes to cleaning, you can do it with a piece of cloth and some cleaning liquid. On the other hand, the crevices and nooks on other materials can make cleaning quite a hassle. Over the course of time, these materials start looking dirty and require professional cleaning.

4. Customisation Options

Glass splashbacks are available in a variety of different colours and designs. Your customisation options are unlimited today. From their colour to the print, you can decide just about anything that makes your glass splashback an excellent addition to your kitchen. The colour back options are available in any colour you want so you can match them with your kitchen’s existing décor. Even the printed versions are out so you can turn your kitchen walls into an artist’s imagination. Lastly, you can select the mirrored option, which adds depth and makes your kitchen look bigger.

5. Resistance to Heat

You might think glass is not the best material to go in a hot place like a kitchen. However, that’s far from truth. In fact, toughened glass is one of the most suitable materials to serve as your kitchen’s splashback. Pick your installers wisely and make sure you ask them about the toughness of the glass. If you have picked the right glass, temperatures as high as 200 degree Celsius will not do any damage to your glass splashback.

Bottom Line

Of course, you have many other material options to go behind your counter and underneath your cabinets. However, no other material offers as many functional and decorative features as glass does. The fact that glass is transparent makes it the perfect decorative item for any kitchen. Furthermore, the reflective nature of glass can offer many other benefits too. If you benefit from natural lighting in your kitchen, a glass splashback is the perfect choice. It will reflect enough light to make the entire kitchen look vibrant and alive. In the end, you have to know that glass is available in many different qualities as well. Make sure you consider its thickness and clarity before finalising your option.

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