5 Ideas For Sneaky Kitchen Storage

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We can never have enough storage in our kitchen – here are a few cheeky ideas for how to squeeze more in.

Storage is key in keeping your home clutter-free and making each room work efficiently. Maximum use of space is essential and, whether built in, freestanding or retro-fitted, you may be surprised at just how much space can be gained by going that extra mile towards fitting in a little more storage here and there.

1. Cleverly concealed

Consider a hidey-hole for every-day appliances that are large and unwieldy but used every day. Blenders, toasters, coffee machines and the like are often essential to kick start your morning, however lining them up on your benchtop leaves little space for anything else. This recessed cupboard at the end of the benchtop is within easy reach for daily use, but the pull-down door is quick, simple and negates the need for extra space to open a swinging door onto the benchtop.

2. Sleek cabinetry

Push-release operation sees this full-sized pantry open into the kitchen area for with substantial food storage from fingertips to above head height. It then glides effortlessly away after use to be concealed in sleek cabinetry running floor-to-extra-high-ceiling for maximum efficiency.

3. Vintage charm

A small kitchen needs clever storage for often-used items and these vintage-style open dish racks perfectly suit the style of this petite country kitchen. All-white crockery lines the upright racks, whilst tidy stacks of bowls and glassware remain within easy reach. Cupboards below and less close to hand can then be reserved for mis-matched and larger items.

4. Hardworking hub

This kitchen island works all manner of efficiencies – serving up a central sink and generous preparation area, with breakfast bar at one end and the added bonus of wine storage tucked in at the other. The alternate timber laminated finish is a smart way to demarcate its duties.

5. Above, below and beyond

A study in the versatility of an all-white kitchen, this clever design sees a bank of generous drawers between open shelving beneath a spacious benchtop. Overhead shelving displays serving platters and cake stands, whilst pull-out baskets add a little natural colour and texture, softening the look from the dappled polished concrete aggregate flooring.

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