20 Design Inspiration Ideas for an All-White Kitchen

by Lottie Dalziel

You can’t go past a simple all white kitchen, but as simple as a modern white kitchen sounds there are plenty of different variations. From splashback tiles, to wood and gloss here is all of the inspiration you need.


1. The back-up plan

Splashbacks are a great way to give your kitchen an overnight refresh. Use dark grout in your kitchen splashback can help hide hard to clean stains and provide a chic contrast against white tiles.

2. Have a plan

“Take the time to plan,” says Greg Natale. “Before you even settle on a tile, a colour, or an appliance – really take some time to think about how you and your family might engage with and use this space.”

3. A simple lick

Whether it’s a feature wall or giving your cabinetry a facelift, a new coat of paint can do wonders for the look and feel of your kitchen. Use a high gloss enamel paint to give your details a modern look. A fresh coat of white can revitalise and brighten dark corners.

4. Clear the mess

If you have open shelving, organise like with like items and stack neatly on your shelves. Only display items that are used regularly. Display pretty jugs, bowls or vases in small vignettes to compliment your daily-use pieces.

5. The Classic

Timeless. Fresh. Functional. Simple. Stylish. The Classic Kitchen ticks all the long-life no-fuss boxes. Integrated appliances such as dishwashers, fridges, pantry and even hidden laundries can be concealed by simple glossy white cabinetry that keeps clutter and benchtop appliances out of sight.

6. A place for it all

Make a designated space for your appliances that you use every day. Clean and return the item there each time you use it. Other appliances used less often should be stored away in a drawer, cupboard or pantry.

7. DIY touch-up

Take your flatpack kitchen to the next level by swapping out cheap fixtures like knobs, drawer pulls and handles with designer finishes in handmade leather, ceramic and metal materials.

8. Store more

You can never have too much storage in a kitchen! Extend wall cabinets to the ceiling and store your least used items up there. The free space down below can provide extra room for small appliances that usually sit on the benchtop.

9. Make it your own

Flexibility in the kitchen once meant a butcher’s block on wheels. But with renters on the rise and homes getting smaller, there’s an increasing demand for multifunctional, flexible kitchens. Rather like a modular sofa configuration, mono blocks and worktops in different shapes and sizes mean you can personalise your working space to how it suits you, while extractable tables let you create fixed or extendable dining zones to suit your guests.

10. Texture talk

Add texture to an all white kitchen with wooden benchtops. The various species of timber also give you a wide range of colour options.

11. Plan it out

When planning a kitchen reno don’t forget about your appliances, they are large so and whilst they may not need to take centre stage visually, they must be accommodated for size. If you are bringing in the fridge of your dreams, work from there for the rest of your floor plan. If it’s a freestanding stove you’re working with, decide on its location then plan your cabinetry around it

12. El Naturale

Utilise natural light sources for a well-lit kitchen. Large windows not only make chores like the dishes more enjoyable but they will help open up the room and make it feel bigger than it is.

13. On island time

Decide which tasks will be performed on your kitchen island and measure and mark up a space on the floor or your current benchtop to role-play how that will work for you. Include markers for sink and tapware and allow for enough space to eat where any stools will be located.

14. Turn negative into a positive

Work with negative space not against it. While you may be tempted to fill empty spaces, leave parts of your walls bare and breathing space between furniture and decorative items for a room that feels edited and curated.

15. Colour is outdated

One of the most common design mistakes is a colourful kitchen isn’t a bad thing, but it can date quickly. You’re better to go with neutral permanent fixtures, cabinetry and appliances, then inject colour via lighting, stools, art and accessories. These can be changed out and updated easily and without great cost.

16. The Work Triangle

The kitchen is primarily a work zone and the old concept of The Work Triangle still rings true. The idea is that the three work centres of the kitchen – sink, cooking areas and fridge should be located around your kitchen to minimise the number of steps between them. There should also be a clear line between them with no obstacles such as an island bench in the way.

17. Storage that works for you

Ramp up the functionality of a freestanding food-prep island with a utensil or cutlery drawer or both. Even if your drawer is of standard depth, you can maximise the storage with movable drawer inserts.

18. Go Scandi

According to Domain, “the style emerged in the 1950s as part of a modern movement in Nordic design (i.e. Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway) that prioritised function and affordability over preciousness and luxury.

19. Accessorize

With all white kitchens give them a makeover in a matter of minutes by adding colourful accessories to your benchtop like fresh herbs, fruit and flowers are a colourful addition.

20. Don’t forget details

Ever heard the saying: It’s all in the details? Well, the same notion should be considered with your kitchen. Simple ideas like updating your pantry door will elevate your kitchen design.

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