12 Stylish and Practical Pantry Ideas for Your Kitchen

by Lisa Walden


Kitchen larders or pantries can come in all shapes and sizes. There are so many practical and stylish designs to choose from, whether you’ve got a large kitchen and are looking for a walk-in larder, or a smaller pull-out unit to maximise storage options.

The best tip? Make your pantry work for you. With the choice to create a design truly unique, ensure your larder helps to elevate your kitchen space by providing storage and practicality. Browse some of our favourite styles: from orange to grey and walk-in to curved, we’ve got you covered…

1. A Pop of Colour

Beautiful to look at and practical to use, elevate your kitchen space with this colourful larder. Opt for zesty orange to brighten a neutral space.

2. Classic Wooden Design

In a soft oak, this larder brings in an element of warmth, while also providing plenty of storage. With more shelves than you can count, you’ll never run out of space for all of those jars.

3. Circular Style

Try a circular walk-in larder if you have the space and your kitchen will feel more spacious than before.

4. Hidden Behind Sliding Doors

Give your larder an element of privacy with frosted glass sliding doors. We love that it feels like part of the kitchen while also being its own room.

5. Pull-Out Drawers

Bring your kitchen right up to date with this sleek, contemporary pull-out larder.

6. Wooden Effect

Wooden textures sit beautifully within a kitchen. This storage nook feels tucked away from the rest of the room but can brilliantly hold all of your dry goods.

 7. Corner Style

‘A corner unit is a compact option when you don’t have space for a walk-in pantry. It allows you to access everything with ease and means you can incorporate different storage into your kitchen design,’ explains Matt Aitken, design expert.

‘This corner pantry has wider shelves to house bulkier items as well as handy storage to keep bottles neat. When closed, the doors continue the lines of the cabinets and plinths for a seamless finish against other units.’

8. Cupboard Style

Got a smaller kitchen but still want your own larder? Try this cupboard style — a perfect go-to choice when space is tight.

9. Walk-In Larder

If you’ve got the room, a walk-in larder is the best way to maximise your kitchen space. The full heights will make the most of your wall space and you’ll be surprised by what you can fit in.

10. Open Display

This kitchen larder’s full height, shelves, drawers and spice rack means it has room for all of your cooking essentials, plus much more.

11. Rustic Style

Set the scene in your kitchen with this dramatic, rustic style. Here, the sliding door zones the space, while the pops of colour on the wooden panels above add plenty of charm.

12. Free-Standing Larder

For a modern touch, elevate your kitchen with a free-standing style. It’s the perfect storage add-on to your space.

Want to elevate your overall kitchen design? Dream Doors Kitchens is here for you, to contact us click here.

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