10 Wow Hacks to Transform Your Kitchen

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You don’t need to spend a pretty penny for an impressive kitchen. From door handles and cupboards to drawer liners and benchtops, appliances, feature walls and splashbacks, these easy, creative and cost-effective kitchen hacks will transform your space.

1. Brilliant Benchtops

The three most popular materials used for benchtops are laminate, timber and stone. But, laminate is around a third of the price. Even better, it’s hard-wearing, durable, water resistant, easy to wipe down and clean, and you can get anti-bacterial and finger-print proof finishes – great for grubby little fingers eating afterschool snacks!

Today’s laminates come in a whole spectrum of finishes, from mattes to glosses, marble and mineral looks to woodgrains, metallics and a plethora of accent colours to suit – and transform – any kitchen space.

2. Colour Splash

Add a lick of paint to your door frames, cupboards, splashbacks or even a few bold accessories like a bright red wall clock. Paint, or colour, can instantly brighten your space and transform the look and feel of your kitchen. Use bright colours for energy and a fun or quirky feel. Softer pastels tend to create a sense of calm, whereas warmer tones like terracotta and earthy tones create a welcoming and warm ambience.

3. Feature Cupboard Door panels

Swapping out kitchen cupboard doors is a cost-effective way to revamp your kitchen minus the complete cabinetry fit-out – a great solution of water-logged chipboard doors ruining your kitchen look. Today’s doors come in a range of widths, allowing you to create skinny broom cupboards from awkward corner spaces, as well as materials, finishes, textured looks and colours.

You can choose door frames, frosted glass doors, use wire-mesh, timber or metals, and even paint your own doors!

4. Statement Door Handles

This small detail can have big impact! Cupboard door handles can bring cohesion to a kitchen look, add quirk, personality or interest, and make a style statement.

You can choose art deco handles, urban-industrial look clamps in galvanised steel, hand-painted porcelain and fine China knobs, kooky motifs, metals from contemporary brushed black metal to shiny silver, rose gold and aged-0look bronze and more.   

5. Trendy Drawer and Cupboard Liners

Perhaps one of the easiest, cheapest, most practical and yes, super effective ways to transform your kitchen cupboards! Laying contact paper, butchers paper, wrapping paper other heavy duty card will not protect your cupboard surfaces from scratches as well as look amazing.

6. Personality Plus Walls

Get creative in the kitchen! A peg board is a great way to add a bit of personality to your space. Hang your favourite recipes, photos of family, shopping list or images of delicious desserts (or healthy salad inspiration!). Other great ideas include chalk boards, to ensure you never forget milk and bread, or lunch order day, again.

7. Open Shelves

No space for a personality wall? Use open shelves to express your personality or to feature your favourite collectables – from your teacup collection to fine china and spoons collected from worldly travels. Or, make it more practical! With utensil holders, knives and hung saucepans.

8. On-trend Splashbacks

Who would have thought that splashbacks would become a style statement?! The oil splatter-catcher? The spaghetti bolognese sauce canvas? But it is! That wall, that frames all those fancy (and expensive) kitchen appliances is, in fact, a feature wall that can transform the look of your kitchen. Laminates that are easy to wipe down and clean. Glass splashbacks. Bright colours like read, blue or green. Marbles featuring veins, mineral-effects. For a contemporary look, try reflective surfaces – black glass or stainless steel.

9. Illuminated Lights

Lighting can totally transform space. And we’re not just referring to the brightness of the globe here.

Pendulum lighting makes a huge impact, but you can still have a lot of fun with flush-mount lights (the typically dome-shaped light fixture that’s mounted flush to the ceiling).

10. Art Work Benchtop Appliances

Perhaps the opposite of a butler’s pantry, where kettles and toasters and other appliances are neatly hidden away … artwork appliances are made to be seen.

Often a permanent benchtop feature, you can now get kettles, toasters featuring Dolce & Gabbana artworks, retro style designs and colours ranging from pastel pink, powder blue, cream and mint green to bright red and blue.

If you want to achieve a sophisticated and fine-looking kitchen, black is the best colour to try out. Are you planning to give your kitchen some quick makeover? We are here to help you! To contact Dream Doors Kitchens, click here.

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